Two in one: tools that simplify life

Versatile things are gaining popularity, as we all strive for comfort. Why buy several items separately, if you can buy one, and it will work for two?

Remember, in the “Diamond Hand”, with a flick of the hand of the hero Andrei Mironov, the pants turned into elegant shorts? And today, with the same light movement, the pans are turned into steamers, vacuum cleaners - into mops, bed - into a table. The course is taken to combine several functions in one subject. Woman’s Day offers the top 5 of such multi-functional gizmos, without which it can not do.

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Shampoo and conditioner in one bottle

For the first time such a universal tool appeared on store shelves in the 1980s. Its creators have noticed that buyers rarely take conditioner with shampoo, no matter how they explain that this thing is necessary. Therefore, they came up with a formula where these two tools would be together. People liked the effect, and soon they started buying both shampoo and conditioner separately. Now, a 2-in-1 bottle is an indispensable thing to travel, as it reduces the number of tubes in a suitcase.And besides, it is very profitable for the money!

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Transformer stroller

All moms know - this is a really useful thing! As it was before? Born baby - you bought a stroller with a cradle. Six months later, when the child is already sitting and it becomes interesting to look around, you urgently need to run to the store for a new stroller with a walking unit. How is it now? It is all sold in one set! The essence is simple: one or another block is installed on the same wheels. There are even 3-in-1 strollers: in addition to the items listed, a car seat is also included.

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Frying pan-double boiler

At this point, you can list almost all modern household appliances: multicookers, combines, washing vacuum cleaners, washing machines with a dryer - they all perform several functions at the same time, saving primarily space in the house. And more such inventions, such as a frying pan, a double boiler, reconcile the family members of different lifestyles: coma in butter, and coma to whom.

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Multifunctional furniture

The sofa bed or folding chairs have long taken their place of honor in small apartments.Now, in order to save square meters, they also created integrated children's furniture. For example, a bed for a newborn can also serve as a changing table, the second position is also perfectly combined with a chest of drawers for storing things. A drawing table can be at the same time a box for storing toys.

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Complex drugs

It is unpleasant to hurt, but it can happen to each of us. And if earlier, at the first sign of a cold, we had to run to the pharmacy and buy a whole package of medicines (antipyretic drugs, remedies for the common cold, cough, antiviral, etc.), now all this can be replaced by one pill. Agree, this is especially convenient when you are collecting a first-aid kit for a vacation or business trip.

One of these drugs isAnviMax®- modern anti-cough agent of complex action with antiviral component. AnviMax® can help relieve the symptoms of colds, flu and ARVI, accompanied by fever, muscle aches, headache, nasal congestion, chills in adults.

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