Unusual facts about lethargic sleep

The human brain keeps a lot of mysteries in itself, most of which scientists still cannot solve, and lethargic sleep is just one of them. Certainly, many have heard of such a strange disease, some even panicked by the mere mention of a lethargic sleep, because horrible stories about people buried alive immediately surface in my head.

It must be said that scientists have long invented such a device that will help distinguish a sleeping person from a deceased person, so there is no point in fearing lethargy. However, as many centuries ago, the disease is shrouded in a halo of mystery and fears that simultaneously attract and frighten people.

The historical past of the disease

The first thing I would like to understand is the concept of what a mysterious lethargic dream is? From Greek, the name of the disease is translated as “imaginary death” or “oblivion”, which is understandable, because a person falls into a state of sleep in which his body and mind are inactive at the same time.

Although those who have repeatedly fell into a lethargic sleep and then come to their senses, argue that in such a state a person completely hears and understands what is happening around, but experiences such a strong weakness that he simply cannot react to what is happening. .

The state of lethargy was repeatedly noted in ancient times, and in the period from the XVIII to the XIX century, fear of falling into a lethargic sleep was so great that they began to produce special coffins, equipped with bells, thanks to which the deceased could give a signal to the surface. The fact is that before, doctors could not distinguish between a state of deep lethargy and death, so the number of those who were buried alive was impressive enough.

Why are only the old cemeteries of Europe, which at one time it was decided to move, and the remains of the deceased reburied. So, at the time of the autopsy, the participants were horrified: about a third of the buried bodies were in strange and unnatural poses, not at all like at the burial, which, in fact, was direct evidence of lethargic sleep.

And what about today?

Cases where the most ordinary people fall into a state of lethargy are known today.Scientists still can not find an explanation for this phenomenon, as well as determine the causes that trigger the start of the disease. Most often, scientists call stressful situations, nervous drops, hysteria and large blood losses as possible sources. In general, it is believed that a mentally stable person is not affected by this disease.

Lethargic sleep is of two types - light and heavy. In the first case, the patient really looks like asleep, just for some reason can not wake up.

But the severe forms of lethargy, just the same, were confused with death, because a person really looks like a dead man: the skin turns pale, natural discharge of the skin ceases, the pulse decreases to such a minimum that it is almost impossible to find it, there is no reaction to any pain irritants.

To determine how long a lethargic sleep will last is also unrealistic: there are cases when a person fell asleep for only a couple of hours, days, and sometimes dozens of years.

Interesting facts and real-life examples

  • It is surprising that people who fall into a state of lethargy slow down all biological and mental processes.Thus, even after having lain for 20 years, they will not grow old, there are many cases when patients, waking from lethargic sleep, looked exactly like on the first day of sleep. True, in just a few years, and sometimes faster, everything returns to normal, after all, the natural course of events cannot be deceived. The same applies to mental development: in those cases when the patient fell asleep as a child and woke up as an adult, he still remained at the level of development of the same child.
  • By the way, in the Middle Ages, similar cases of unexpected resurrection from the dead were considered sorcery. Often there were cases when people affected by this disease died not from suffocation in a coffin, but at the hands of inquisitors.
  • Perhaps the most famous in terms of duration is the incident that occurred with Nadezhda Lebedina from the city of Dnepropetrovsk. The woman fell into a state of lethargy after a quarrel with her husband and spent 20 years in it. I woke up quite unexpectedly when I accidentally heard about the death of my mother. Interestingly, after that, Hope lived for another 20 years.
  • Another prominent example of lethargy is the famous writer Nikolai Gogol.Unfortunately, in those days it was impossible to determine that he was actually alive, and the writer was buried alive. All this became clear when the remains of Gogol wanted to give exhumation: in the coffin the body lay on its side in a torn shroud. The worst thing is that the writer all his life was afraid of a similar outcome, which, in the end, still caught up with him.
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