Unusual: we find a new use for eggshell and egg tray

For household needs, you can adapt a lot of things, many of which usually go to the release. An example of this is eggshell and egg trays, which often fly into the garbage immediately after use. In addition to the decor, very practical things can be made from them - for example, to adapt a tray and a shell for growing different seedlings.

It is especially good to grow various greens in the eggshell, in order to transfer it to the ground and plant it. To do this, you need to disinfect the egg shells (just pour boiling water), pour in the soil, plant the seeds and sprinkle with earth. Eggshell is a rich source of calcium, which will enrich the soil and the plant in the future, during planting. For the same purpose, the egg tray is also used - it is very convenient to plant seeds in it.

In order to transfer the eggshell as fertilizer into the ground along with the seedlings, you just need to squeeze it in your hand until it cracks - the roots of the plant will make their own way.

But how to decorate a house for Easter or just grow beautiful greens using a simple trick with a tray for eggs and a shell: put earth and seeds in a tray, paint the eggshell, then cut the tray into fragments and put it in the shell.

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