Uraza-Bairam - what number in 2016 begins and ends. The essence and traditions of the Muslim holiday Uraza-Bayram


When Uraza-Bairam begins and how many in 2016 it ends, today not only faithful Muslims want to know, but also representatives of all other faiths who are respectful of customs, traditions and traditions of other religious trends. In essence, the celebration is somewhat reminiscent of the Christian Easter and marks the end of the great month of Ramadan, during which it is customary to fast and severely restrict oneself to entertainment and carnal pleasures.

The holiday of Uraza-Bayram: the essence and main traditions

The Eid al-Fitr holiday is one of the most important dates of the year for every Muslim, regardless of age and social status.According to the Gregorian calendar, the custom of spending this day in a special way was formed even in ancient times. It is believed that it was during the period of Ramadan that the prophet Muhammad received from above the first verses of the Quran. After this momentous event, the month was called sacred and dedicated to the glorification of Allah through austere fast and strict abstinence from the joys of the flesh and all sorts of entertainment.



The great holiday of Uraza-Bayram is essentially a solemn end to the lean period and is called the Day of Talking. With the rising of the sun, believers take baths, put on clean, festive clothes, use incense and gather in mosques. Immediately before the prayer, every member of the community, whose income exceeds the minimum necessary for a modest life, necessarily pays special alms for himself, his wife and children. This is done as a sign of respect for the Prophet Mohammed, who ordered that day to help the poor and give out donations to the needy.

At the end of the prayer, believers go home and are taken for a festive meal. The solemn table is covered beautifully and very abundantly.The menu must include all sorts of sweet dishes, fruits and jams. In food, they do not limit themselves so that in the coming year the holiday table will be as diverse and rich.

In Uraza Bayram, Muslims go to cemeteries and commemorate relatives, acquaintances and friends who have departed to another world with a kind word. Gifts and food are brought to the tombs of the saints, while men visit houses where a funeral took place recently and express sincere condolences to family members who have died untimely.

On the central streets of cities and towns organize fairs and organize festive performances with the participation of musical groups, dance ensembles and jugglers. Swing and other attractions are set for children, and the rest of the holiday food is served to the poor and the poor.

Uraza Bayram 2016 - what date does it start and how is it celebrated in Russia


In order to find out exactly how many days Uraza Bayram of 2016 will come, you need to check with the Gregorian calendar. Each year, significant Christmas falls on different dates and sometimes there is some confusion. Wikipedia claims that in 2016 the month of Ramadan will end on July 5, and, therefore, Uraza-Bayram will happen on July 6. Other, no less authoritative sources say that the holiday will be celebrated on July 11th.Representatives of the Muslim community do not yet give detailed comments, but reassure believers that the exact date will be determined at the beginning of summer and panic, and there’s no point in worrying about it.

Uraza Bayram 2016 - what date does it end and how is it escorted


Since at the moment the exact date of the beginning of the holiday Uraza-Bayram has not yet been determined, it is difficult to say how long it will end in 2016. When the day is finally determined, the faithful will be notified later. In total, Uraza-Bayram will last for two days. During this time, devout Muslims will attend the solemn service in the mosque, offer the most sincere and inspiring prayer to Allah, mix each other with tasty, varied dishes, remember the deceased relatives and friends with kind words, give alms to the poor and do a lot of good, bright things in the name of the Prophet Muhammad. It is in these actions that the essence of one of the most significant and revered Islamic holidays lies.

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