Useful household tricks for women

All ingenious as always is easy! We present you tips that will make life easier, at least in matters of household.

1.To be on the fingers did not remain a trace of jewelry, apply a transparent lacquer on the inside of the rings.

2. Woolen clothes can be peeled off with pumice or a roller with adhesive tape.

3. To save space in the closets, hang the bags on the hooks from the curtains for the bathroom.

4. If you spilled red wine on clothes, do not neutralize the stain with white wine and send it to a washing machine.

5. Wide jeans can be easily tucked into new boots!

6. Wet wipes help remove stains from deodorant.

7. Frozen grapes quickly cool white wine.

8. If you are going on a trip, pack your slippers in a shower cap. What is not a package?

9. How to find out which clothes are extra in the closet

First you need to turn all the hangers on one side. When you put on a thing and send it back to the closet, hang it on the opposite side.During the season you will be able to see what things you did not use - you can safely throw away these clothes.

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