Useful properties of an amazing dymyanki

Weeds are one of the main pests that gardeners and gardeners are tirelessly struggling to eradicate. But few know that even among such pests there are plants with medicinal properties. One of these is dymyanka.

Useful weed

Dymyanka is an annual plant that can often be found on roadsides, fields, wasteland and vegetable gardens. The area of ​​its distribution is the European part of Russia, the south of Siberia, the Caucasus.

In height it reaches 30-40 cm and looks quite attractive - a long stem with purple-pink flowers. To make a medicine from this herb, it is necessary to cut off its upper part during the flowering period (June-July) and dry it. To do this, you need to decompose a thin layer and leave in a well-ventilated room. It is also possible to use electric dryers, the temperature in which should be 40 degrees.

Infusions and decoctions on the basis of dymyanki help cure various diseases.

Even in ancient times, the famous healer Avicenna used this plant as an antihypertensive agent, as well as for normalizing the work of the nervous system after weakening against the background of a severe illness.

The beneficial properties of a smoke pot are truly extensive.

  1. It helps to remove bile and stimulates the digestive system. Take the infusion of smoke can be a long time, the body does not develop addiction, thereby stabilizing the secretion of bile.
  2. It has a diuretic effect. This is facilitated by potassium compounds present in the composition of the plant.
  3. Has a blood-purifying effect, helping to get rid of cholesterol plaques, and the protopin substance, which is part of the smokey, for a short time can accelerate the pulse.
  4. Juice from a fresh plant perfectly treats dermatological diseases. Concentrated infusions can also be used in the presence of boils and boils in the form of lotions.
  5. Seeds of this medicinal herb are used as an effective means for increasing male sexual power.
  6. Dmyanka also copes with headaches, nausea and vomiting.
  7. Infusions of the plant are used in the treatment of gastritis, but under the condition of low acidity.
  8. This medicinal herb also has a tonic effect and can be used as a diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Unwanted neighbor?

It is quite possible to grow smoke in the area, thanks to its attractive appearance it will perfectly fit into the company of flowers. That the plant magnificently blossomed, it will need to be cut periodically. But remember that dymyanka is a weed, therefore it grows very quickly due to self-sowing and “takes away” the territory from other plants.

It is better if this grass grows out of the reach of children because of its toxicity. Trim it is also better in gloves. The best place to grow is sandy, loose, wet soil.

Simple recipes

The use of smoke emery is very extensive, so it will not be superfluous to know how to make infusions and decoctions based on it.

Choleretic drug

1 tsp chopped herbs pour ½ tbsp. boiling water, let it stand and cool, then take 2 tbsp three times a day.

For the treatment of dermatological diseases

1 tbsp of dymyanki pour 50 ml of alcohol (70%), leave for 7 days,periodically shaking capacity. After a week, strain and take 20-30 drops three times a day half an hour before meals.

With hemorrhoids

2 tablespoons chopped herbs mixed with 100 g of vaseline. Lubricate the hemorrhoids several times a day.

For the general strengthening of the body

Collected smoke should be immediately scalded with boiling water and grind with a blender. Squeeze out the resulting juice, dissolve 1.5 tsp in 150 ml of serum. Take 50 g three times a day.

Precautionary measures

Despite the long list of useful properties, smoke has a number of contraindications:

  • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • age up to 12 years;
  • individual intolerance.

It is also worth knowing that among the most frequent side effects, which, as a rule, manifest themselves in a day or two after application are diarrhea, stomach pain, and increased urine output.

Dmyanka, being a poisonous plant, requires adherence to clear standards for taking medications based on it and the mandatory prior consultation with a physician.

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