Cosmetics vase

I want to offer you a vase for cosmetics with my own hands. Beautician is certainly good, but digging into it and looking for the right mascara is not always convenient. Therefore, you can make a convenient and practical vase from paper modules.
 cosmetics bowl
We need: paper modules (white, yellow and pink)
vase for cosmetics
Work progress 1) The base is made up of 30 white modules.
 vase for cosmetics
2) Putting together three rows of pink modules
a vase for cosmetics
3) Then follows one row of white modules and one of the pink ones.  vase for cosmetics
4) Putting on a row according to the following description: yellow module, 8 pink modules, yellow module, 8 modules,yellow module, 8 pink modules (assembled on the reverse side)
 vase for cosmetics
5) Now reduce each module by one module to make a wing.
 vase for cosmetics
6) Making an edging for our vase with yellow modules
makeup vase
 vase for cosmetics
7) Next, we make a stand for our vase. We assemble a circle of white modules.
 vase for cosmetics
8) Glue the stand to the base of the vase, voila and everything is ready !!! This homemade product will decorate and maintain the order of your dressing table.
 makeup vase

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