VAZ 2107: how to remove the panel?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
May 1, 2015
VAZ 2107: how to remove the panel?

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VAZ 2107: how to remove the panel?

If you have a need to remove the dashboard in the VAZ 2107 (for example, to replace the backlight), you can easily do it yourself if you use our instructions.

How to remove the dashboard in the car VAZ 2107

  1. First lift the bonnet and disconnect the power cord from the negative terminal of the battery.
  2. Remove the plastic handles mounted on the metal levers that control the heater and the fan. To do this, pry them with a thin screwdriver and pull towards you.
  3. Unscrew the nut that secures the zero reset handle. Remove the nut along with the washer below it from the handle, and push the handle into the space behind the dashboard.
  4. Look at the control levers of the stove: to the right of them you will see a plastic cap with an icon painted on it. Gently pry this plug with a screwdriver blade and remove it from the panel.
  5. Behind the plug is a screw that holds the right side of the dashboard. Unscrew it with a Phillips screwdriver and pull this part of the panel towards you.
  6. When it comes out of the torpedo, disconnect the speedometer drive cable. To do this, unscrew the small knurled nut on its end.
  7. Next, remove the underwater rubber hose from the fitting econometer.
  8. Disconnect the three pads with matching wiring harness from the shield connectors. So that you don’t forget that you’ve connected to anything before you do this, write a wiring diagram on the paper.
  9. To get the left side of the dashboard out of the retaining slots, pull it to the right and towards you.

All! The work is completed. To return the panel in place, perform all actions in reverse order.

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