Very big and real: 20 stars with outstanding breasts

They were lucky to be born with such volumes and did not have to spend money on expensive operations.

Many stars have become popular thanks to their large bust, because they were able to properly use what was given to them by nature, and not in the surgeon's office. By the way, almost every fourth woman thinks about how to enlarge her breasts, this is what American sociologists say. The girls are confident that more lush volumes will make them much more self-confident, more attractive in the eyes of men, and their breasts will become a sign of the envy of their friends.

However, the owners of lush busts are not as beautiful as they seem. Many surgeons claim that they not only insert implants, but also perform breast reduction operations. Even celebrities, whose forms everyone admire, dream of their volumes being a little less. In one of her interviews, Sofia Vergara, a famous actress with a luxurious bust, said that she was terribly uncomfortable with such a big breast, and when she goes to bed, she gets the bust on her chin.

But Amber Rose, an American actress, is so tired of the size of 36H, she decided on what she had long dreamed of. She reduced her real breasts and now wears a cup D. Her surgeon, Garton Fisher, said in an interview that she feels much freer.

Charlotte McKinney, a model and owner of an incredible bust, is thinking about mammoplasty. In her interviews, she repeatedly told that big breasts did not help her in her career, she was often denied because of her volumes, and at school she was often harassed by her classmates.

Scarlett Johansson, Monica Bellucci, Kate Upton, Salma Hayek and 13 more celebrities, on the contrary, are not shy about their forms, but are proud of them and will never want to part with them.

February 27, 2018Alika Zhukova
a guest27.02.18 15:08

With a frightened Semenovich natural breast?

and why photos of grandmothers? photo in his youth could not be found?

a guest28.02.18 10:21

A woman is a creature that lives by cheating and lying, and that is why: her face is hidden behind a kilo of cosmetics (they are afraid to enter people without it), the body is flooded with a bunch of perfume (deziki, perfumes, gels, creams ...), the past of life is hidden behind the excuses (UTB female secret, UTB on female, etc.), the age of UTB is generally a secret of secrets, asked how old it is - an ignoramus and a hypocrite ..., then epilation, depilation, groin and bikini area ..., take away women's razor machines and all perfumes and cosmetics and your brain (men) will finally work fine, as it was intended by nature. All earthly civilization (from spacecraft to women's gaskets) was invented and implemented by the mind and hands of men, so for women and there is a war, sometimes merciless and bloody ....))))))

a guest28.02.18 10:39

Such nonsense, I have not read

a guest28.02.18 17:25

Just noticed.

a guest01.03.18 21:24

I would have looked at you if you had to choose a lady of your heart from exclusively natural girls with hairy legs, groin, armpits, with unbrowned eyebrows and without a gram of makeup. This is the first. secondly, no matter how you would complain that "uzhosnakh, which are all unnatural, hide behind cosmetics, ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-ko" . at the same time, they often look and behave in such a way that one wants to get away from this sofa, which has already been crushed by their foundations and requirements. so no need to rub the game here. the master of the universe is also to me, take care of yourself.

a guest05.03.18 22:20

But before someone got along without shaving their legs, pulling out and all the rest, they just shoved you into their heads, which is normal. A woman should be beautiful and shave her legs, and everything else is not grooming, but an abnormality, ask your mother or grandmother, they did so?

a guest09.03.18 15:23

With your delights, Neanderthals would not have given offspring and there would be nothing to discuss! You have to be simpler. No one should be bypassed. See how it is in nature. And as a result, unlike people, there are no paranoids, djbils, or drunks ...... It's like non-GMO food!

a guest22.03.18 18:37

Natural eyebrows are beautiful and the rectangles that are drawn and even to the nose do not look at all ...

a guest13.03.18 15:02

What kind of nonsense? Here half silicone tits. What "natural" breast? ....

a guest13.03.18 19:27


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