Victoria Beckham did not let her family on the first shows of their collections

Starting your own business and using its fame as an aid is the most common option. Many celebrities do this - remember at least Rihanna with her Fenty Beauty cosmetics empire, but now Victoria Beckham did not want to follow this tradition.

“I have every right to be proud of what I have achieved: I have gone from a member of a pop group to the creator of an international brand. I have always dreamed about it, and in order to continue to realize the dream, I and my entire team have to work very, very much. When everything was just beginning, I tried to keep to the maximum in the shade so that all attention was focused on the clothes I was doing, and not on my loud name, ”Vicki said. - I could not be seen on the podium at the end of the show, as usually happens in the fashion industry. I began to go out only four years later! And she did not immediately let David and the children come to support me on the show ...Although it would be very, very cool, but I did not want to be told about me: "Well, it's clear that this is the same girl from Spice Girls and her attempts to be a designer". "

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