Waiting and reality: creepy wedding dresses with AliExpress

What makes the girls without trying to buy a dress for the most important event in life - the desire to save time and money, or faith in a beautiful picture?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few such large-scale blunders. Having bought into an advertising photo, future brides, risking money (yes, money - they risk to be a fiasco, and a brilliant way out of the dazzling bride is clearly not worth the wait!), Expect to get a dream dress. But in the end get ... something casually stitched and terrible quality. Yes, and the size is difficult to guess.

It would be possible to close eyes to the sticking up threads, wrinkled fabric or slight discrepancy of what was seen in the photo. That's right - easy! But take a look at these "miracles" of the hands of unfortunate designers - we can only sigh sympathetically and, perhaps, even snicker a little maliciously. Like, they wanted to save, so get it.

  • A photo: Getty images

Fortunately, most of the brides have a good sense of humor and do not mind sharing unsuccessful purchases.And by their own example, by the way, they warn others: you should not buy and buy advertising pictures accordingly.

After all, the choice of wedding dress is extremely important. All attention will be focused on the bride, and the dress will be discussed by all the women invited to the wedding.

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