Custom-made wardrobe - harmony and comfort in your home

The sliding wardrobe managed to take a worthy place in the design of apartments (immediately after its appearance). It is difficult to track in which country such a cabinet first appeared, since many manufacturers claim leadership in this area, but this is not important. Today, the advantages of wardrobes are highly appreciated throughout the world.

The wardrobe will not be superfluous in any room, no matter what style it is decorated. This piece of furniture is able to merge with the space, transforming it. Among the main advantages should be noted cabinet doors - they are sliding, which guarantees a significant savings in space. Sliding at the door is very light, not creating any noise. You can learn more about the wardrobe at

Such a cabinet is often built into the wall, but the stationary version, when the cabinet is installed separately, is no less convenient. Designs in wardrobes are varied. If desired, you can choose the angular model, diagonal, joint.The latter, diagonal-angular, fill the space of any angle.

The wardrobe can be used as a partition between the walls, its elements can be arranged on opposite sides by connecting the entresol. Each of the options is convenient and interesting in its own way.

Typically, the manufacture of wardrobes made to order, which helps to get the desired furniture with all the features of the room. The customer chooses the model, color. Ordering furniture to your taste makes it possible to decorate the room in accordance with the interior, and each piece of furniture will fully satisfy the taste of the owner of the apartment.

Furniture, manufactured by request of the client, fits perfectly into the room, the maximum contributing to the creation of comfort and space savings. You can choose the decor that is suitable for the color scheme of the room design.

When ordering a wardrobe, you should rely on its functionality in combination with comfort, determine the number of shelves, drawers. How many desirable sections, and how many hangers? Sections will need at least two for clothes and at least one for shoes.The number of hangers depends on the amount of clothes available. Wardrobes with built-in lighting are very convenient. It can be located inside the furniture or outside. Lighting over the mirror door will allow you to easily see yourself in the mirror, and light bulbs around the door can become the main lighting of the room.

Mirror doors not only serve as mirrors, but also increase the room, so they are so in demand. When struck, such surfaces do not break, but only crack, aided by their protective film.

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