Warm headband

Winter is coming, and with it the time to choose warm hats. If the caps do not attract you, feel free to give preference to knitted bandages. They will not only protect your ears from frost, but also keep your hair in its original form. In addition, if you wear a tail or a bundle, then the caps are contraindicated. Unfortunately, the offer of warm and at the same time beautiful headbands is rather limited. Today in the market for similar products there are similar specimens of not quite successful quality. At the same time, in order to purchase such a copy, you will have to pay at least 500 rubles. Why pay that kind of money when you can buy excellent yarn for 100-150 rubles and tie in one evening what is right for you. For work, you will need a ball of thread (part of it) and a hook. If necessary, you can stock up with different beads, artificial stones, rhinestones, ribbons, etc. Measure the circumference of the head - this will be the length of the product. Keep in mind that the finished product should sit tight on the head, so it is better to make it 1 centimeter smaller (in any case, the knitted thing will stretch a little).The width of the dressing depends solely on your own wishes. But since it is planned to create a winter headdress, it is necessary that the bandage covers your ears. Based on this, the most optimal width is 7-13 centimeters.
 we knit a headband
 we will knit a headband
Dial 28 air loops and start knitting the first row. The entire bandage will be from the posts with one crochet. Such a pattern will make it rather dense and at the same time allow ideally taking the form of a head.
 we knit a headband
After the required length achieved, connect the beginning and the end. Remove the product. Now you need to make a ring that pulls the bandage down the center. On the model, it will be strictly on the forehead. For this, tie 7-10 air loops and continue with crochets. There should be about 10 rows in total. Attach the resulting part to the dressing and close it with connecting bars. warm headband
The bandage is ready! If you want to get a more elegant version, then the ring can be decorated with large-sized sewn crystals. warm headband
 warm headband
Now no Holo and you are not afraid. Wear it with pleasure!

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