Wday Tests: Hair Loss Shampoo

In the fall and winter, a natural period of weakening of the scalp occurs, which depends on the hormones estrogen. It is at this time of year that the level of the hormone decreases, and the hair begins to grow not only badly, but also to fall out. To correct the situation, you can use shampoos for hair loss. Wday editors have been testing the best strengthening shampoos for a month and sharing their feelings.

Shampoo Sensi Balanca Scalp, L’Oreal Professionnel, 799 rubles

Alika Zhukova, beauty editor:
Alika Zhukova

- When the first cold began, I began to notice that my hair fell a little. I can not say that I removed a piece of hair from a comb, but even 5 hairs horrified me. I immediately went to the reception of the trichologist to understand what was the matter. It turned out that this is quite normal for this time of year, and the doctor said to wash her hair with a firming shampoo.

Shampoo Sensi Balanca Scalp, L’Oreal Professionnel

Expectation:I am always very picky about hair shampoos. By nature, my hair is very naughty, so the main thing is that the product should be well cleaned and give volume.And if you consider the fact that my scalp is very sensitive, then the shampoo should also be delicate. Sometimes it is impossible for many brands to combine these two functions in one jar. I hope that L’Oreal Professionnel will suit me.

Reality:shampoo is designed for sensitive scalp, which is what I need. It contains vitamin PP, which restores the balance of the scalp and refreshes the hair. The shampoo has a very pleasant delicate fragrance. After I started washing my hair for about a week, I noticed that my hair became strong and almost stopped falling out. The shampoo completely copes with its tasks and even reduces the sensitivity of the scalp. The entire length of the hair is moist and beautiful.

Rating: 10 out of 10.Shampoo completely answers all my inquiries, now I will constantly buy it.

Cerafill Retaliate Shampoo, REDKEN, 1750 rubles

Victoria Dudina, Acting chief editor:
Victoria Dudina

- Over the past year, my hair has not experienced any tests. Only I cut the ombra, immediately made a perm. A few months later, she burned her hair under the hot Asian sun. A good care shampoo has become almost a vital necessity for me. Was it necessary to somehow restore the lost beauty?

Cerafill Retaliate Shampoo, REDKEN

Expectations:shampoo Cerafill Retaliate from REDKEN, judging by the description, exactly what I need. It is designed specifically for thinning hair. The product contains ceramides that strengthen hair, and SP-94, which nourishes and supports a healthy scalp environment. Menthol provides a cooling and stimulating effect on the scalp.

Reality:over the past few months I haven’t tried anything, so I was sure that nothing would help me anymore.

Thin hair began to split, fell out strongly, and after washing (even with conditioner) it was impossible to comb them. But the month of “treatment” with REDKEN Cerafill Retaliate shampoo changed my opinion. Of course, the hair did not begin to flow with oil, as in advertising (and no shampoo is able to give such an effect), but positive changes were still evident.

Hair became thicker in structure, there was a shine. I noticed that they began to give way to packing better. Moreover, since the beginning of the “season of caps” I did not wash my hair more often than usual (every 2-3 days). Is this not what we expect from a good hair wash?

Rating: 10 out of 10.I advise everyone!

Shampoo toning Dercos, Vichy, 523 rubles

Olga Safonova, deputy editor-in-chief:
Olga Safonova

- In the spring and autumn for me the purchase of such a shampoo becomes particularly relevant.For some reason, it is during these periods that the hair is especially active. I usually combine the right shampoo with taking vitamins.

Shampoo toning Dercos, Vichy

Expectations:manufacturers promise that after use (although they do not specify how long) hair loss decreases, they become stronger and healthier.

Reality:the smell is pleasant, a bit like a men's fragrance. When applying it requires quite a lot, but it is rather a plus and speaks about the naturalness of its components. Since the abundance of foam is determined by the content of special active substances - surfactants (surfactants, or, as they are called, detergents), and they are harmful to our hair and skin, so medical shampoos often foam just bad, which means these substances there are very few in them.

Already after the first application, the hair becomes smoother and well combed. Loss decreases by about 5−7th time of application. This time I managed only shampoo, without a vitamin complex, shampoo coped with the task. The only thing after washing my skin was itchy scalp. Most likely, some components did not fit me.In general, a good shampoo, 100% fulfilling its function and promises.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, Dr. Konopka’s

Julia Gaponova, the publishing editor:
Julia Gaponova

- Due to the fact that I had to live in a very hot country with a dry climate for a long time, I dried my hair so much that practically no means helped me. In addition, having hair that was naturally curly, I straightened it every morning with an iron, which actually aggravated the situation. As a result, practically nothing remained of the luxurious head of hair: the volume disappeared, the hair began to break and fall out. Will shampoo help me cope with this scourge? I honestly was not sure even that it would suit me.

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, Dr. Konopka’s

Expectation:with brand Dr. I was not familiar with Konopka’s before, so I took this product with caution for testing. In general, I try to pour less unfamiliar means on my head - this is the way to save money and nerves. But then I trusted our beauty editor, who assured me that the hair would definitely stay in place and even begin to fall less.

Reality:the label indicates that this is a natural certified cosmetics from Estonia and this organic shampoo is absolutely suitable for all types of hair. By the way, the volume of the bottle is 500 ml, so the money is really enough for a long time.For a whole month I just washed them and, I want to note, I didn’t even spend half of the tube. The product perfectly washes out hair and slightly dries the scalp, regulating the work of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, it is just a godsend for owners of greasy hair. But for those who have dry hair, this shampoo must be used with air conditioning, otherwise there is a chance to overdry even more.

Another nice bonus for me was the scent - a light unobtrusive smell of lavender. Therefore, it was possible to imagine that you are somewhere in Provence, the aroma was so perceptible. If we talk about its intended purpose - to fight hair loss, then during use the amount of hair remaining on the comb has significantly decreased. And the curls themselves became soft and obedient. I even refused to use the hair dryer and ironing, deciding that it is necessary to allow the hair to relax.

Score: 10 out of 10 points.I was pleased that the brand does not conduct animal testing when developing and producing its products.

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