We are pleased with the beautiful supply of citrus fruits

Bright, juicy, fragrant, unique in taste - these epithets characterize citrus fruits. Children and adults are happy to eat them, pre-cleaned or drunk in the form of juices.

Especially citrus fruits are relevant in winter. On each table during New Year's holidays you can see cutting oranges, grapefruits, nicely laid mandibles. The only downside to citrus fruits is that it is not always possible to clean them without splashing and fracturing the lobules. Therefore, pay attention to tips that will help surprise guests with a beautiful citrus supply.


To prolong the shelf life, the fruits are treated with wax and paraffin, so before bathing, pour boiling water. This will remove preservatives, destroy harmful microbes. Then rinse with running water and pat dry with a towel.

If you suffer from allergies, soak the citrus fruit for an hour.

Wash grapefruits with a sponge with baking soda. Pure fruit exudes fragrance.

How to peel an orange quickly and without splashing


You can clean an orange in two ways: with your hands and with a knife. The fruit is well cleaned with a thick skin. If it is thin, during cleaning, splashes of juice and essential oil may appear. To avoid this, you should use a knife.

  1. Cut the top and bottom parts.
  2. On the resulting site on one side, make a longitudinal incision. Too deepen the knife is not necessary, enough half a centimeter.
  3. There should be four such incisions located opposite each other.
  4. At the base of the stem, prick the skin with a fingernail, and separate it from the pulp. So the orange will be cleansed quickly and without splashing.

You can use the microwave oven, warming up the fruit in it. Care must be taken. The high temperature will cause the orange to burst. To clean without loss, you need to put the average power for 15 seconds. The skin will become soft and easily separate. If the first time the orange does not succumb, warm it up again.

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Beautifully tangerine

Unlike an orange or grapefruit, a mandarin is cleaned easily. The only downside is that the juice can be splashed with clothes.To prevent this from happening, cut the edges of the fetus, trying not to touch the flesh, and make one cut on the skin. Then carefully unfold it.

How to properly clean the grapefruit


Grapefruit to the table is served without skin, films and ossicles. It is eaten with a teaspoon.

If you like to lay on the plate neat pieces, do not spare the time. At the fetus on both sides, cut off the edges, and remove the peel. Make cuts like in the case of an orange or gently cut with a knife. Then, remove each slice from the films and grains. Flesh cut into small pieces and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

An interesting way to prepare grapefruit for a table. They can replace the dessert.

  1. Divide the fruit in half.
  2. Separate the pulp with a sharp knife from the peel in a circle.
  3. With small incisions, do not remove the flesh from the resulting "cup", separate the membrane.
  4. Scissors cut off the membrane by attaching the flower and stem.
  5. Sprinkle the resulting pulp with sugar.

Before serving, the dessert should be cooled. If desired, the "cup" can be decorated with canned cherries.

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How to clean a pomelo without a knife

Experienced housewives recommend cleaning the pomelo in a deep bowl, so the fragrance and refreshing moisture remains.

Fruit water with boiling water, it will wash away the wax and soften the skin.At the base, press your fingers, and nail the skin, separating it from the pulp. The resulting sphere is divided into lobules, clean from membranes and bones.

Sprinkle with sugar or pour honey on the pulp of broom is not worth it. It will only spoil the taste.

Like grapefruit, pomelo is eaten with a spoon, not only in its pure form, but also added to salads, snacks and desserts.

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Some useful tips

  • Grapefruit is served by cutting into slices. The fruit is cleaned with a knife from the skin and all the white pulp. Cut along, leaving a stalk.
  • You can get a neat grapefruit slice with a knife. The fruit peeled from the rind is cut from the outer edge to the middle. In the same way, you can cut an orange.
  • When you remove the edges of citrus, do not cut too much, so you will pound the flesh and start to drain the juice.
  • If the orange is ripe and has a soft peel, you can make an incision in a circle, exactly in the middle. In this incision, the tip of the knife is wound and the flesh separates from the peel. In the hands remains a peeled "ball" and two "cups" of peel.
  • A quick way to clean an orange is an accordion. The top and bottom are cut off, one incision is made. The fruit unfolds.

These tips will help to properly clean citrus in the home for a festive table and will give an opportunity to preserve the taste and aroma.

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