We design the window with beautiful materials

Such a seemingly inconspicuous thing, like a window sill, plays an important role. With his form and design decision, he is able to set the tone for the whole interior, becoming the original highlight of the room. Especially advantageous look stone structures. They are strong, durable and most attractive.

But not everyone has the finances to install such an expensive window sill. Yes, and many of the drawbacks of natural material forced to look for a more profitable and practical alternative. A good choice is to order. This design will cost less, and in many respects even surpass products made from natural material.

Varieties of stone

First you need to decide on what exactly to make the window sill. The artificial stone is presented in a big variety. The most sought after are the following products:

  1. Acrylic. The most popular material, which contains acrylic resin and various fillers.Such products look elegant, beautiful, thanks to a combination of several color layers.
  2. Polyester stone. Made on the basis of the same resin, as well as other components. This is an inexpensive option that does not lend itself to significant processing. Such a window sill is often made standard rectangular, so experimenting with the design will not work.
  3. Quartz agglomerate. Includes natural quartz, rock sediment and additives. On the performance characteristics, such products are considered to be the best. The material is resistant to mechanical stress, chemicals, etc. It is considered environmentally friendly, since the main part of the composition is occupied by components of natural origin.
  4. Cast marble. Rarely used material for the production of window sills. More often from it do table-tops. It has high strength and durability.

The best solution would be a construction of acrylic stone. This material can be processed and give it the most intricate forms. But with a great desire it is possible to choose from other options.The main thing is to take into account the technical characteristics of the material and compare them with the operating conditions of the window sill. In this case, the design will serve for a long time and retain its original appearance.

Advantages of products from an artificial stone

Stone elements in the interior are appropriate almost always. They give the room presentable, especially if it is decorated in a classic style. But there are other positive qualities of artificial stone window sills. Such constructions:

  • durable - the presence of special components in the composition makes the material as resistant to damage as possible;
  • hygienic - seamless and non-porous structure excludes the emergence and reproduction of microorganisms;
  • environmentally friendly - production is performed using harmless components;
  • heat resistant - artificial stone is not afraid of temperature changes. Of course, you should not test its strength, but on the whole, a hot pan will definitely not hurt;
  • Easy to clean - periodically you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth. There are practically no divorces on it.

In appearance, artificial stone is not inferior to natural. It also abounds in a wealth of colors and looks amazing. Many companies offer the most unusual design options sill. For example, on the page you can order an individual design of the production of a table, bar rack, table top and any other stone product. It is enough to decide on your wishes and contact the experts. This approach will allow you to get a truly exclusive window sill, which you will not see anywhere else.

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