We sew a summer dress in an hour

Dress tailoring is a long process that requires sewing skills, patience and attention to detail. And if you're still a novice and do not know how to sew a simple outfit for every day or a festive one for publication, then this idea will help you to make a gorgeous dress in just an hour and this is not a joke.

In this dress there are no recesses, no zippers or other complex elements, and if you ever held a needle in your hands, you will definitely cope with such a model. I especially liked how the back of this dress looks.

What a gorgeous belt and bow!

For this dress will need about 2 meters of fabric and satin ribbon for the top. For a dress it is better to choose a light, flowing fabric. Before you sew a dress, decide on its length, if you plan to wear it in heels - be sure to keep this in mind, still do not forget about the increase for processing the hem and décolleté edge about 7 cm.

Dress Pattern:Left front of the dress, right rear

After cutting the fabric, sew the side seams of the dress; process the edges with an overlock. Then process the edges of the hem and the edges of the armhole for the hands.

After that we do front and rear hem for tape. The edges can be hemmed in or processed with overlock. Insert the tape of the required length and try on a new thing!


Another idea of ​​a similar dress for which the rectangle pattern is used. It is sewn according to the same principle as the first dress.


Dress hangers:

Build dekotelte

Dress Pattern:

Left - There we insert the cord

Right is the length of your dress.

In the middle, the orange lines indicate where the 2 rectangles of the fabric are sewn together.

As you can see it is not difficult to sew a beautiful dress, the main role here is played by the beauty and quality of the chosen fabric. If you are afraid to immediately shred expensive fabric, then try to sew from a cheaper fabric, try on a finished dress, see how it sits, take into account all the flaws and mistakes, and only then sew from expensive fabric.

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