Weather in St. Petersburg on November 2016 - the most accurate forecast from the Russian weather center. What is the expected weather in early and late November in St. Petersburg

PSPN-001The weather in St. Petersburg in November 2016 will be traditional for the last autumn month. According to the forecast of the weather center, the average daily air temperature will be about + 3 ... 4 ° C, and at night the mercury column will slide to 0 ... -2 ° C. At the very beginning of the month it will be very cold, but by the end of the first decade the situation will change and the thermometers will record + 5 ° C. The next frost will come to Petersburg only in the middle of November, but it will not last long and in the 20s will start to warm up again. This trend will continue until November 27, and then in St. Petersburg, stable, dry, fairly clear weather will set in, with which the city will meet the inexorably approaching first winter month.

Weather in St. Petersburg November 2016 from the weather center the most accurate forecast

Quite cold, with moderate precipitation and high humidity - this is what the weather will be in St. Petersburg in November 2016, according to the most accurate forecast made by the Russian hydrometeorological center. The month will start from minus temperatures and from 1 to 7 the number of thermometers will show about -1 ... 3 ° C during the day and from -4 ° C to -5 ° C at night. Since November 8, the mercury column will seriously warm up and will rush upwards, reaching + 5 ° C, but such a pleasant weather situation will not last long and from the second decade the Arctic front will reduce the average daily temperature in St. Petersburg first to +1 ° C, and by 14 -16 to-frosty -6 ° C.


Stable clouds with occasional drizzle, sometimes turning into sleet, will last until almost the middle of the month. Then the gray twilight in the weather will be replaced by a four-day dry, clear and sunny "window." The 18th and 19th are warmer up to + 4 ° C and heavy rains will charge again for a whole week. From November 21 to November 27, the mercury column will travel between + 2 ... + 7 ° C marks and only from the 28th day the weather will stabilize. The temperature will be + 1 ° C in the daytime and up to -2 ° C in the evenings,precipitation will completely stop and the autumn weather will say goodbye to Petersburg on cool, cloudless and calm days.

Weather at the beginning and end of November in St. Petersburg - which it usually is


The weather in St. Petersburg in November is not very happy with friendliness. The city welcomes guests with damp, cloudy days and regular temperature changes. The sun, both at the beginning and at the end of the month, is extremely rarely seen due to the dense layer of clouds and precipitation falls from 18 to 22 days. When the temperature is above zero, prolonged torrential rains occur, and when the mercury column descends to negative indicators, the downpour turns into sleet. The asphalt is covered with a thin crust of ice and it is not only uncomfortable to move around Peierburg, but also quite dangerous.

Arctic fronts, characteristic of the weather of this period of time, significantly increase the relative humidity of air in St. Petersburg, so that even the minimal frost is felt much sharper and sneaks, literally, to the very stones.


A preliminary weather forecast from the weather center says that in 2016, November does not prepare for Petersburgers and guests of North Palmyra any unpleasant surprises.Temperature indicators will not exceed the average rates typical for the weather of the last autumn month, and precipitation will fall out exactly in the same volume as usual. The only thing that tourists who plan to visit St. Petersburg in November will have to take care of is suitable equipment - wind-proof jackets, warm hats and waterproof shoes. Without all this, it will be extremely uncomfortable to enjoy walks through Petersburg and the contemplation of architectural and historical monuments.

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