Wedding Fashion 2015

Every bride wants to be bright and attractive on their wedding day. Wedding Fashion 2015 offers a wide selection of clothes and any girl will be the brightest at the wedding.

Designers know the wishes and come modern brides. They willingly go forward, creating stylish wedding dresses. I will look at the trends proclaimed in 2015 as a wedding fashion.

After reviewing the material, you can easily make an elegant, beautiful and fashionable image.

  • Retro style.Fashion designers presented wedding dresses of medium length strapless. In such a dress, the image of the bride is modest, fresh, cheerful and perky at the same time. For the manufacture of used lightweight fabrics and openwork for decoration.
  • XX century.The fashionable spirit of the beginning of the last century is relevant. Dresses combine a simple fit and luxurious finish. For decoration is used openwork and pearls. Addition will be a beautiful hat with a veil.
  • Femininity and sexuality.Open back and false neckline. The listed details together with the openwork transparent top and lace appliqué will make the image sexy.This dress will suit any girl, regardless of the figure, since the emphasis is on the decoration of the dress.
  • Basque.Wide frill that is sewn to the bodice of the dress along the waistline. In 2015, it is considered a fashionable and bold addition to a wedding dress of straight cut or A-style. Visually reduces the waist, makes the image unusual and playful. The ideal solution for owners of the hourglass figure.
  • Mysteriousness and innocence.Fashion designers have created a lot of dresses for cold weather with sleeves, wings. Closed shoulders and a translucent high top return to the time when the bride looked mysterious and innocent. In a festive look, a straight or lush bottom fits easily, a mermaid type silhouette.
  • Comfort.A transforming dress will make the bride feel comfortable, has removable sleeves and layered skirts.

With the styles of fashionable wedding dresses sorted out. Now consider the trendy colors and accessories. This year, fashion designers choose light shades. On top of the fashion classic white color.

In retro-style outfits, shades of beige and pink dominate. Combinations of a white top, smoothly rolling into a beige bottom, are welcomed.In fashion, lilac, pink and coral tone.

Particular attention is paid to accessories. Stylists offer wide belts decorated with precious stones, lace, glass beads and pearls. Dresses are decorated with bows and drapes. Stylish gloves and a hat with a veil will complement the image of the bride.

Wedding decorations

There are many wedding decorations, but everyone has different opinions. Some say that besides the ring on the wedding day, nothing else is needed, others say that any trifle is suitable for decorating a wedding image.

On the wedding day, the bride is overwhelmed with emotions: uncertainty, excitement, anxiety and joy. She tries to make the wedding image irresistible. And tremendous help in solving the problem has decorations.

Ornaments are an addition to the veil or along, an independent element. They hide the clips, stylize hair, sometimes replace the veil.

  1. The most successful decoration of the image of the bride are flowers. They successfully complement the outfit or cover their heads.
  2. Returns to fashion tiaras and tiaras. The frilly frills, crowns and ridges look irresistible. Do not disregard the clips and studs.
  3. Fashion designers recommend using jewelry made of silver and pearls.
  4. Silver is constantly used to decorate the bride.Imagine how great and fashionable looks silver lace on the bridal outfit.
  5. Diamonds deserve special attention. Not everyone can buy such luxury, but a diamond ring will adorn the bride, glittering on her hand.
  6. Sapphires of various colors. Stylists recommend using blue shades. The main thing is that the decoration is combined with a festive attire.
  7. Aquamarine and rock crystal climb to the peak of fashion. Jewelery with stones adds a bit of purity, romance and luxury to the image of the bride.
  8. Jewelry is different: rings, necklaces, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hairpins. All is welcome. The main thing is harmony.
  9. Some have family jewels. A luxurious necklace or a sophisticated brooch will embellish the image and become the highlight of the dress.

If a small budget, do not chase expensive decorations. Listen to the advice of designers, pick up something similar from the low price category, and this little thing will make you irresistible on your wedding day.

Wedding fashion for the full

Choose a wedding dress is not easy. Brides tend to look irresistible on their wedding day. For girls, who have a large size of clothes and far from ideal waist, choose a dress more difficult. Shops and salons usually sell outfits for slim.Additionally, it is important that the attire emphasizes the dignity of the figure and masks the flaws.

Wedding fashion for the full offers dresses that hide the tummy and plump hips. Such outfits switch attention to fragile shoulders and a magnificent breast. Even the magnificent bride will become fashionable.

  • An ideal option for a magnificent girl is a dress-a-line with a bodice-corset. Top fit open, asymmetrical or classic.
  • The A-silhouette product is suitable for all body types, but it looks best on girls with a pear shape. Thanks to a one-piece cut, a flared skirt and embossed vertical seams, the dress hides the hips, focusing on the waist.
  • Wonderful looks on full girls products in the Greek style, especially on plump fashionistas with a rectangular figure. High waist will hide flaws, and flowing fabric will make the image delicate and elegant.
  • In the fashion asymmetry. Empire style dress looks original and interesting. He emphasizes the dignity of a lush breasts. If it's cold outside, take care of a coat or a down jacket, because the shoulders are open.
  • The most seductive and sexy wedding dress will be a mermaid dress. It is believed that only a slender bride is capable of putting on such a robe, but this is a delusion.In this dress looks gorgeous and lush beauty. The main thing is that the flared skirt does not start from the hip, but above. Wear corrective underwear under the dress.
  • I recommend to pay attention to dresses with a spectacular train for tall women with magnificent forms. Such a product aggravates, but if the train is compact and lightweight, the dress is comfortable.

Fashion strongly recommends that lush girls choose clothes with voluminous details. It is about bows, ruffles, draperies, flounces and brilliant decor. This dress will highlight the problem areas, making the image lush.

Wedding Fashion for Men

It is difficult to name the reason why the bride’s dress is given more attention than the groom’s suit. Whether this is justified is a controversial issue, but the groom is obliged to look stunning at the wedding.

What does wedding fashion offer for men? Consider trends in fashion.

  • White fashion.Grooms are recommended to buy snow-white costumes. This color creates a royal look. A one-color color solution is appropriate.
  • Contrast details.Black suits lose their relevance, giving way to outfits with contrasting details.
  • Blue beauty.If you like dark colors, choose a dark blue wedding suit. This shade is popular and men's wedding dresses are proof of that.
  • Light shades.Male fashion and light shades are not alien. Looks great outfit gray or beige. Even pink and lilac flowers were used.
  • White shirtThe undisputed leader. Bold stylistic decisions are not prohibited. The groom may dress in a shirt with an unobtrusive pattern.
  • Accessories.Previously, the only male accessory to create a wedding image was a tie. Those times are behind, modern fashion welcomes boutonniere, watches, handkerchiefs and tie pins.
  • Tie.Fashion designers offer three options. The first option is a bow tie, which will create a playful and solemn look. In second place is a classic. Choose a classic tie so that it combines with the outfits of both newlyweds. The third option is a neck scarf. He will complete the stylish image of the groom.
  • Footwear.High boots were fashionable last year. They could not hold the position. In 2015, on the top of the fashion classic shoes made of smooth leather.The best option - shoes darker suit.

Wedding fashion for men did not make a revolution, but some attempts on her part to diversify the male image were noticed. It may take several years, and men's fashion will become as multifaceted as women's.

Wedding fashion is different color variety. Classic white color is slowly giving way to a touch of ivory. Black, purple or red wedding dresses are not considered shocking. The popularity of bright romantic hues is growing rapidly. These include lilac, lemon, pink and blue tones.

There are designers who, when creating collections, draw inspiration from religion and traditions. As part of one of the shows demonstrated European classic dress, adapted to the requirements of Muslim beauties. This dress has no decollete, and instead of a veil there is a graceful hood.

Wedding fashion borrows notes from the vintage style. Designers rethink and improve the ideas of past years. Fashion designers pay great attention to wedding dresses, which are used by royals and celebrities.Royal wedding - a powerful incentive for the appearance on the market of similar clothing. Copy orders are sold out instantly, especially in Asia. Only the popularity of clones is short-lived. It takes only a year, and they lose their relevance.

Subject to change and accessories. In 2015, it is impossible to meet a wreath or a wedding hat. But popular lacy veil or veil.

Wedding fashion is progressing and changing. Every year she gets a new facet, and fashion designers produce intricate collections. Good luck in choosing a wedding dress.

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