What are hot phone calls

Hot phone calls are a technique for selling any goods or services that is widely used by managers and other sales professionals around the world. This technology assumes the presence of previously purchased the product or were interested in its properties, features, characteristics. These buyers or customers are not only familiar with the seller, but are often interested in purchasing goods and services, so the task of the manager is many times simpler than cold calls, when negotiations have to be conducted with completely strangers. The effectiveness of hot calls also significantly exceeds the effectiveness of cold dialing, however, it should be remembered that this technique is more often used in current activities, it is almost impossible to use for business development.

Rules for making hot phone calls

Hot phone calls are usually made by sales professionals in accordance with a specific internal company algorithm.This algorithm is not rigid, but it is important to negotiate in a logical sequence. The basic rule is to constantly remind the customer about the benefits of the product being sold, the benefits of working with a specific seller. The task of the manager during hot calling is not only to make the next transaction, but also to save the regular customer or customer, leaving him with a positive impression of the purchased goods and services. If this task is not performed, then the likelihood of a client’s transition to competing organizations that may find and attract him as a result of professional cold calling or other methods rapidly increases.

Who should deal with the negotiations?

Many companies seek to reduce their own staff costs, and therefore attract ordinary operators for hot telephone calls. Practice shows that such savings lead to the loss of a part of regular customers, since a professional sales manager constantly stirs up the buyer's interest in the product being purchased, performs several tasks at the same time.An ordinary operator will not be able to achieve such goals due to the lack of relevant skills, as well as ignorance of the specifics of interaction with customers. The maximum task for him can be the conclusion of the next transaction, which does not mean effective retention of the client.

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