What are the healing properties of aloe vera

In the days of Alexander of Macedon, aloe vera was valued no less, each warrior had with him pieces of this plant, which allowed him to heal wounds quickly.

The unique properties of aloe affect scientists today. The plant contains a huge number of vitamins and other nutrients we need, including essential amino acids.

Basic data

Aloe vera is a herbaceous plant that is widely used both in medicine and in cosmetology. For the first time this plant was found on the Canary Islands, but scientists consider it the birthplace of the African continent. The first recipes for the use of aloe vera juice appeared in the era of antiquity and over the centuries have been replenished with new data and discoveries.

Positive properties of aloe vera

Today, at any pharmacy, you can purchase dozens, if not hundreds, of drugs created on the basis of aloe vera juice. It allows you to quickly remove toxins from the body, effectively get rid of toxins and other unwanted substances.The action of aloe spreads not only on the stomach and the digestive system, but also the liver, the cardiovascular system and the lymph feel a positive effect. The juice of the leaves contains many vitamins of group B, C and E. And therefore aloe is very useful in chronic gastritis, dysentery and gastric ulcer.

It is worth noting that aloe vera juice shows good antiseptic properties, and therefore it is used in the treatment of ulcers, burns, psoriasis and ulcers. In addition, special aloe vera compresses are used for lupus, eczema, dermatitis and skin tuberculosis. In addition, the positive effect of this plant in pulmonary tuberculosis is confirmed.

Component of youth

We note the excellent properties of aloe vera, which this plant has on the skin and metabolic processes. This allowed to make it one of the most popular plants in cosmetology. On the basis of aloe juice, a lot of anti-aging preparations, gels and creams are created, which have a beneficial effect on the skin and resist aging.

Lingin, which is contained in a huge amount in aloe juice, allows enzymes and moisture to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, thereby contributing to its renewal and rejuvenation.Due to this property, aloe-based preparations are highly effective in treating acne and protecting the skin of the face. Do not interfere with the use of these funds to moisturize and nourish the skin, and mainly the skin of the face.


It is important to note that aloe vera is a fundamental component of various “youth masks”. The tightening effect that these masks have during the drying of the juice, as well as due to other active ingredients, not only has a beneficial effect on the very state of the skin, but also helps to refresh it and keep it in tone.

For some reason, many traditional healers are convinced that aloe vera-based products, like this plant itself, are absolutely harmless. But it is not so, having told about the beneficial properties of aloe, it is important to note contraindications.


So, you should immediately point out that some parts of aloe are highly toxic and can cause serious diseases. If you want to prepare aloe vera gel at home, you should understand that you need to collect juice only from the pulp, not using the hard part of the leaf. Thorns and peel should be discarded or used only after careful pretreatment, as they contain toxic yellow latex.

By taking aloe vera based drugs in large or excessive amounts, you can provoke severe diarrhea, as the juice of this plant itself contains laxatives.

Despite the fact that aloe vera perfectly treats burns, it is not uncommon that the use of skin-protective agents can lead to allergic reactions.

In addition, the use of drugs based on aloe vera is contraindicated for pregnant women, the use of such agents orally is especially dangerous, it can cause contractions of the uterus muscles and cause miscarriage. Especially carefully it is necessary to treat this in the early stages of pregnancy.

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