What can a guy give a girl on March 8?

On the day of March 8, not to give his girlfriend a gift - this means to ensure a spoiled mood for a long time. Just because your favorite will not forget. After all, to remain without a gift on the day when all the women around are enjoying the bouquets of flowers, congratulations and gifts, it is extremely unpleasant and insulting. Therefore, if you are associated with a beautiful girl normal or serious relationship, you must cook for your beloved gift.

What to give your girlfriend on March 8, so that she then half a year looked at you with admiration? You must admit that it is so cool to make a good gift for such a special holiday and then only maintain the image of a beautiful and perfect guy. Attention and gifts for girls are equivalent so that they do not speak. Therefore, on March 8, you should try to prepare for your beloved girl an unforgettable gift.

Perhaps the most harmful habit of girls is getting used to everything good.It seems to be a bouquet - this is a cool sign of attention, but you should start giving it often, as it automatically falls into the category of holy duty. But, in truth, the guys are equally pleased to receive gifts than girls. Only now they rarely get such kindness.

Anyway, beautiful girls deserve to be spoiled more often by presents and surprises.

There are, of course, among the ladies ungrateful copies who don’t give everything that’s necessary. A real man should not assume that all girls are the same, so love sincerely and always give presents to your sweetheart from the heart.


You can safely give the most perfect day in her life. To organize it, you do not need to order a personal plane and take your favorite one to Paris (although this is a very cool gift). Beforehand, you should buy good wine, sweets, dinner products and small symbolic gifts.

March 8 should start for your favorite cup of her favorite drink, which you should prepare with your own pens. Serve a coffee in a new, beautiful cup on a tray, not forgetting to put on it your favorite flower of your princess, for example a rosette.It takes a little from a man: a new cup, a single flower and the ability to make coffee. A little agree, and pleasant impressions of such an awakening will be enough for a girl for a long time.

To continue the perfect March 8, you must free your soul mate from all the hassle in the kitchen and housework. All her duties today are performed by you. And let the girl watching her favorite series and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

And of course, you must cook dinner. Cover the table, taste your culinary masterpieces together and after dinner give the girl one more surprise. Let it be an earring or a new scarf. The main thing is a festive atmosphere. By the way, the night is a great opportunity to properly congratulate your beloved mate on Women's Day.

Creative options

You can give a set of gorgeous underwear. True, this gift option is possible if you did not give her lingerie for the day of lovers. Girls are delighted with the linen. In addition, such a present requires an immediate visual demonstration, so there will be a celebration for you on March 8th.

You can fulfill the little dream of your half. Buy her the new perfume she has long dreamed of. Or a cosmetic set.Such gifts will always be useful, besides for girls cosmetics does not happen much.

And you can also give a girl a certificate for visiting the spa center for the main spring holiday. Only this should be a cosmetic, relaxing procedure or massage. But from the "voucher" in the fitness center is better to give up, and then you will be all the 8th of March to hear about her overweight complexes.

A nice gift is a clutch bag or a stylish handbag. If you are afraid to make a mistake with the color, then choose the classics: black, gray, beige or brown. Believe me, this gift will delight her.

You can give your girlfriend an original gift. For example, a trip to the rides or water park. And what, there can frolic not only children. Ride with your beloved on the rollers, shoot at the dash, ride on the swings, or go off on the magnificent slides. We guarantee it will not forget it on March 8.

And you can also plan to hold this holiday with your beloved in an unusual place. Book a room in a hotel in another city for a couple of days (it’s better to be a resort). Walk with her along unfamiliar streets, relax in cozy cafes and enjoy each other's company.


Immediately begs the answer - favorite flowers. But not always the guy owns such information. Is it not enough that the relationship does not last long, I want to make a surprise, and asking before March 8 about my favorite colors is also somehow absurd. Bouquet for March 8 must be donated unequivocally!

If you are aware of which flowers your half is delighted with, then you should take care of the magnitude of the bouquet. It should be lush, beautiful and healthy. The dried buds cause sadness. Be sure to decorate the flowers with ribbons and hide a greeting card in a bouquet.

For guys who are still wondering what kind of flowers their girl prefers, we recommend to do the following. Visit the page of your girlfriend in the social network, maybe she told about favorite colors in personal information. If there is nothing there, ask her nearest friends. But it's important that they are not very talkative. If even after that you do not have information about the girl's favorite colors, give her a standard version - roses. Better than white.

If you want to choose an original bouquet, you can always order flowers delivery on March 8 from Flowers-sib.ru.Flowers-sib.ru company is always fresh bouquets for dear women. You can order beautiful flowers on March 8 for your girlfriend, mother or colleague. With the choice of floral arrangements, experienced florists will help you. You will surely pick the bouquet that will pleasantly surprise your women.

What can not?

If you are connected with a girl by far not the most romantic relationship, but rather a family life, you should fix it right away. To start on holidays, stop giving her household appliances, dishes and furniture. All this is trivial and sad. It is unlikely that your girlfriend will brag to her friends that on March 8, you presented her with a new frying pan.

The gift should reflect your love for the girl, admiration for her beauty and femininity. And do not give things, if you do not know how to determine the right size. To receive as a gift a dress two sizes smaller is not very pleasant.

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