What can be interesting to give a child a birthday?

In childhood everything happens differently. Remember how you were in your childhood. It is unlikely that you will be able to find in memory a detailed image of your appearance at a particular age. The main thing that you immediately come to mind is a feeling. In childhood, they are developed most acutely. Feelings of joy, fun, happiness, carelessness and celebration.

For some reason, we remember children's birthdays much better than those that we celebrated five years ago. That is why you should try your best to make your children the happiest on their birthday. As you understand, not a single baby holiday should be held without a gift. The fact that parents and friends can give a child a birthday can be found in our article.

The fact that young children love the attention they know everything in the world. Therefore, they are so joyfully waiting for each of their birthday, because being at such a young age they already understand that one day in a year all gifts and attention will belong only to them.

To deprive children of a holiday in childhood is impossible.First, because they give a lot of positive memories, which are the most priceless treasure. Secondly, a small person must be taught from childhood that there should be holidays in life, despite all the problems. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to tell a child that he is special, growing up with the awareness of this simple truth will make it easier for him to find himself in our complex world.


Depending on how old a small birthday is, you will have to decide on a gift option for him. As mentioned earlier, absolutely every little anniversary matters, therefore the option with a gift in the form of money to a one-year-old child will not be the most successful.

There are some small tips. If you are going to make a gift to your child, then try to focus exclusively on his interests. Of course, no one would argue that a new clothes dryer would be useful for putting the baby in order, but as you understand, this is a gift for mommy, not a child.

That is why friends and relatives also need to pay attention to this. Understand that you are going to the birthday of a child, not an adult aunt and uncle.Therefore, consider the interests of only a small birthday.

Age up to 3 years

Having presented a gift, do not be offended to such a small child, if suddenly you do not see a smart reaction to your dear gift. Just sometimes kids from a lot of attention are clamped and elementary shy. Do not doubt the calm, homely atmosphere, he will certainly appreciate it.

A child for one year can give clothes. At that age, she quickly becomes small, and it gets dirty a lot. A new suit or dress that will turn birthday people into fairy-tale heroes will be a good gift. The brighter you give clothes, the better. Just be sure to spend a photo shoot in the new suit to keep the memory.

Little girls can give earrings. It is not necessary to immediately carry the child to the salon and pierce his small ears. This procedure can be performed at an older age. Gold is simply a gift that will not lose its value over a large amount of time.

The baby is just beginning to take the first steps and master all things familiar to us. Therefore, you can give him a set of dishes for small children.It is made of light and non-toxic materials. Pay attention to the manufacturer, the quality and color of the dishes. The brighter it is, the more the child becomes interested in it.

Of course, a child can be presented with different toys for his birthday. For one-year-olds, these can be rattles, for older ones - a designer consisting of large items, books, dolls and cars. Just remember that toys should be simple, without removable small parts. Since there are quite a few cases of injuries to them.

Little hero come in handy. In it, he can play in safety and learn to make the first steps. Yes, and for parents such a gift will be a real salvation.

Preschool age

It's no secret that at the age of 3-5 years each child has a period called "why". This is completely normal, because the baby begins to realize that there is another world besides Mom and Dad. It is impossible to ignore the child’s questions, it will only cause protests in him. In your power to help a young life researcher find answers.

For this you can give him books. They should be about animals, space, people.Thanks to vivid illustrations, children are able to learn the alphabet even before school and start reading and counting. So the educational books, with the help of which the child will be able to develop his abilities, will be a great gift for birthday.

Good influence on the development of children needlework. Therefore, you can give a kid a set for drawing or molding from plasticine. A large number of flowers, various felt-tip pens and pencils, as well as plastic knives will help the little creator to develop imagination. Creating new figures with it, you will help the child to remember information faster.

Of course, at this age, the baby should definitely give toys. Only now we must listen to his tastes. If a girl is interested in dolls less than plush hares, then you should stop choosing a soft toy.

Children like to imagine and imagine different situations at this age. Therefore, for a girl, you can give a dollhouse with heroes, and a boy with a rocket with astronauts. Now the choice of such toys is simply gorgeous, so you have a choice.

Also, the baby will be happy to receive a swing as a gift. Naturally, it should not be too high.It's enough for a child to just hang around in different directions.

And you can give a child a hike in the amusement park. As follows, jumping on trampolines and inflatable slides, he will be just happy.

5-10 years

At this time, the child begins to go to school, so choosing a gift for him, you should not forget about it. For children it is important not to be worse than others, so you can donate fashionable clothes for your birthday. For a girl, you can choose beautiful jewelry: hairpins and hoops, bows, and for a boy - a scarf, tie, belt.

For a birthday, it is better not to give a brand-new briefcase, because what’s really there to hide is not all kids love to attend school. They want at least on the day of their name day not to hear anything about the school.

At this age it is important that the child live actively. Therefore, a good gift would be skipping rope, badminton rackets, football and basketballs. Better yet, if you build a new playground for your child with swings, a basketball hoop and a football goal. Living in a private house is not as problematic as many people think.

On your birthday, you can present a Swedish wall with a large number of steps, rings and crossbeams.Children like to crawl and conquer new peaks.

Many children at this age dream of getting a telescope or a mask for scuba diving as a gift. In your power to fulfill this dream.

Toys are still relevant. Only now should they become larger and more complex. For a boy, a car or a plane is perfect, which can be controlled using the remote control. And for the girl - a real Barbie doll with a lot of clothes in the wardrobe.

The child will come to the indescribable delight, if on his birthday you give him a trip to an interesting place. This may be a circus, planetarium or dolphinarium. The main thing is that there was a children's entertainment program.

10-15 years

Children over the age of ten are already actively starting to want to become adults. It is difficult to fight this, so for a birthday you should give not what you think is right, but what your maturing child wants.

You will not regret having presented a mobile phone to a birthday party for a child. Just choose the middle, that is, it should not be the cheapest and most outdated and at the same time you should not spoil the child with an expensive gadget.For a start, it will be enough for an ordinary, modern phone.

The child will be happy to receive a gift player and headphones. Just do not forget to explain to him that walking in the streets with headphones is not safe, especially on the road.

For a girl, a hair dryer and hair curlers are suitable as a gift. Let her learn how to make hairstyles for herself and her girlfriends.

Boys in 12-13 years, it is useful to go to different sports sections. If he is keen on karate, he will like the new kimono. An equally useful gift will be good sneakers or boots.

Children like to have something of their own, so a personal cup, towel and personalized bathrobe will flatter him.

Here is a large selection of options for a gift to a child. You should choose one of them only after you know exactly what the birthday boy wants most. To do this, you can ask the parents of the child or his friends. Well, in extreme cases, it would not be bad to ask the hero of the occasion himself. Children like it when adults take their opinions into account. We wish that all your gifts bring only joy.

P.S: For a successful birthday, one gift is not enough, it is important to arrange a good banquet.

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