What can be made of denim

For several seasons in a row, the leading place in the world of fashion is rightfully occupied by denim. Not a single fashion show is complete without a pair of jeans with an interesting cut and a modernized denim jacket. A 2017-2018 year, you can safely call the "denim boom" in style. And although any woman of fashion should be present in the closet, since this is the base, other models always come to replace one model.

At the same time everyone, every woman has a moment when her favorite thing no longer has its former popularity and there is a desire to go back to shopping in search of a trendy jacket. And then an old, but no less favorite thing "goes" to the dump. But do not rush to write off your old clothes, because a lot of your wardrobe can be given a second chance.

Take, for example, the same denim jacket, today I will show you many examples ofhow to give it a second life.

The simplest, but no less creative, that can be made from old jeans is abag.In a cut, it is not whimsical, keeps its shape well and fits both for casual and sporty style. Here you can completely surrender to your imagination and decorate the finished product with beautiful accessories, coarse cords or eclectic buttons.

No less interesting will beorganizersfrom an old jacket, because ready pockets will be very useful for storing small items, office supplies, etc. Denim shoes will also be quite an interesting idea, from jeans you can sew like children's sneakers and summer sandals, while the skin will breathe, and the product itself can be easily cleaned. A large number of key chains, wallets, accessories, bracelets and other accessories can be made using your old denim clothing. So, having sewed an interesting toy, you can please your child.

But, with all of this, not necessarily from the thing we love, to make something completely different. Fashion is changing, and the style remains, therefore, do not chase after all the novelties from the fashion world, but try to create something of your own.So, choosing the same denim jacket, look at its versatility, because it can serve you more than one season.

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