What can not allow a man to communicate

Totally inadmissible: to divide matters into important and feminine ones

There are some individuals who sincerely believe that we girls do all the time, that we are engaged in all sorts of incomprehensible foolishness, squandering simply money and own time. For example, we do a manicure and pedicure every two weeks, killing two hours for the procedure, and voluntarily giving almost a third of the budget. And this is good, if not its budget, because he does not understand and does not recognize all these “woman's” affairs, and at the same time adds that it would be better to bake a cake or, at worst, read a book ... We advise you not to adapt to the stereotypical policy thinking. Because an adequate man, although it may be in shock from the amount of time and money spent, but absolutely will definitely respect your need to be always well-groomed and beautiful - to support and at best even sponsor.

What can not allow a man to communicate

Totally ineligible: chastise you with others

Understanding and appreciating you man will never reprimand you in public, no matter what you piled on, didn’t bother you at all, and didn’t get harmed Because any public clarification of relationships, especially when one of the quarrelers pokes his nose in a puddle, is a threefold degradation of dignity. Firstly, a man by such behavior publicly admits that his companion is a fool, and secondly, lovely ones, as they say, will have a fight and make peace, and they will remember everything around them. So any conflict moment, of course, is worth discussing, but it's better to do at home tet-a-tet, and not to the delight of the audience.

Totally inappropriate: dictate what to wear and how to look

“These jeans don't suit you!”, “You should wear red lipstick!” Or, even worse, “I like latex very much, like Kim Kardashian’s”. If a man sticks his nose into your wardrobe when he is not called, he automatically tries to extend his influence even to an exclusively female zone, and this is an outright attempt to seize power, or rather to have total control. If he initially chose you with "this" taste, wardrobe and hairdo, then why does he suddenly begin to bend under him,express his own wishes in an ultimatum form or forbid wearing certain clothes? Indeed, it is one thing to accurately express one’s opinion and propose options, and quite another to impose, dictate and forbid.

Totally inadmissible: not to believe in gender differences

More precisely, to exclude the possibility of women on certain days to feel bad. Such men do not recognize any indulgence to the weaker sex "without cause", where the cause can only be unless the dying state. Monthly? Does the abdomen hurt? Loins lumbago? Do not play it off! A man who is not able to enter the situation, if nature itself does not allow this state to know, understand and feel sorry for a woman. It remains only to add “chorus” about childbirth in the hayloft and heroic female labor at the plant with five offspring - his great-grandmother somehow coped and didn’t scream! And you let's not exaggerate here, you have only two children and office quiet work.

What can not allow a man to communicate

It is absolutely unacceptable: not to hear you and move away

“Something unhappy? Nobody holds! ”- and so on any of your attempts to talk, find out something or ask for something.And no matter how many hours you tick, he has the best time for you - it's always "afterwards". As a matter of fact, the man makes it clear that he does not care about your opinion. Either this has happened before and you will be furious, pester, calm down - and then, as if nothing had happened, or he basically doesn’t know how to communicate normally with women: he was never taught, or his dad allowed himself to communicate with his mom so that their families are the norm. This also happens.

And of course, for a snack, I left a few more impermissible male attacks. So, remember that a partner who respects and loves you will not become obscene and with hot epithets when you express yourself. And he will never compare you with former passions in any context, as well as degrade your dignity and the dignity of your family.

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