What can stop an elephant?

When a person sees an elephant, it seems to him that this is a fearless animal that cannot be stopped. However, there are creatures on earth who can do it. Below you can find out what can stop the elephant.

What animal can stop the elephant

There is no creature on earth that has no sense of fear, the elephant is no exception. He is also afraid of some creatures, but often they are credited with completely unfounded fears.

Is the elephant afraid of mice?

It is believed that the elephant can stop the mouse. For a long time, this fact was considered indisputable. In support of this, stories were cited when the mouse ate the tusks of the animal, climbed into the trunk, and the elephant was dying from strangulation. However, scientists have conducted studies, and managed to prove that the elephant is not afraid of mice. A mouse was hidden in a pile of elephant dung, but the elephant, noticing it, was only surprised and moved aside. The experiment was repeated several times, and the result was the same. Elephants at the sight of a mouse preferred to keep away from it,but they were not afraid at the sight of this rodent.

This behavior proves that the giants are not afraid of mice, but simply show their natural caution. Elephants prefer to keep as far away as possible from unknown and incomprehensible creatures, but they do not cause panic. This myth is considered true only in part. If you look at the experiments of other scientists, they describe cases in which the elephants not only did not step aside, but, on the contrary, trampled rodents. This proves that animals do not have fear of mice.

Elephants are afraid of bees

In some sources you can read that elephants are afraid of bees. This statement is true. Zoological studies were conducted that confirmed this fact. Moreover, only having heard the bee swarm, the animals rushed to their heels. It was also noticed that the elephants bypass the bushes with hives, for this reason the giants even change their usual migration routes. This behavior of these animals can be explained by the fact that in Africa, honey bees are very aggressive. They bite not so much elephants, but many other animals.

For elephants, even the bee sting is very unpleasant, because the skin is swollen, begins to bleed.As a result, such a tumor passes for a very long time, since no one can help them.

The fact that elephants are afraid of bees is often used by animal trainers, forcing animals to do what they need. After all, these mammals have a very good memory; if a wasp bites them once, it will remember this all its life. Thus, the trainer needs the wasp to sting the animal only once, so that later with the help of the recorded sound of a swarm of insects to manipulate an elephant.


Many people are perplexed when they are told that elephants are afraid of snakes. After all, their poison is not terrible to these animals. But, meanwhile, huge snakes are found in Ethiopia, up to thirty steps long. They have no name, but in the people they are called suicides. The snake tracks down the elephant, crawls on a tall tree and hangs down, catching its tail on the branch. When the animal approaches, the snake catches his eye, tears them out and strangles the mammal.

No one has refuted or confirmed this myth, so many people are skeptical about it. However, it has been observed that if an elephant sees a snake, it begins to trample them: under a weight of 6 tons, any amphibian simply ceases to exist.


It is believed that the elephants are afraid of rhinos, because they rip the belly of the giants, stealing inconspicuously. Perhaps this was the place to be, but scientists can not confirm this fact and relate it to the myths. Rhinoceros and elephants have nothing to divide; they are mammals that may well coexist alongside.

Elephant - cautious animal

The elephant, despite its size, is a very cautious animal that looks at any new creature with caution. For this reason, even a rat can scare him, as it behaves noisily, and the giants are extremely negative about the rustling. Indeed, in the bushes there may be a lion, which is dangerous for elephants.

Elephants live in herds, if they sense danger, panic can begin. And in this state, the animals are very dangerous, they trample everything around, trying to get rid of their enemy. In this case, the giant will no longer be able to stop anything, just have to wait until he calms down on his own and becomes again friendly.

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