What can you see in the movie in February 2018?

New films are released every month. And what interesting things can be seen in February 2018? Find it out!

So, what's interesting to see in a movie?

  1. February 2018 will give viewersthe film "Residents". The events take place in the 20s of the last century in the Irish countryside. Rachel and Edward are twins who live a secluded, secret and very unusual life. Every night, their home is dominated by an ominous, mysterious entity that dictates its own rules. The inhabitants of the house must be in bed by midnight, they cannot bring any guests, and if one of the twins leaves the house, the other will be seriously endangered. But when a former military man, Sean, arrives in the next village, Rachel decides to break the rules, not knowing what such audacity can lead to.
  2. "Euphoria". Emily and Ines are siblings, but very different. The connection between them was lost in childhood, which gave rise to misunderstanding.Ines has always been selfish and thought only of herself, without delving into family problems and not caring for her relatives. Emily always thought about her loved ones, so when her mother became seriously ill, she began to look after her, literally putting an end to herself, her career and future. After the death of the mother, the sisters are reunited, but the relationship between them does not improve. And then Emily suggests Inez to go on an unforgettable journey that should help the girls understand each other. On the trip, the sisters re-recognize each other, but the final destination is still unknown and may lead to something important.
  3. In mid-February, will premiere paintings"15:17 on Paris". The film describes the events that unfolded in the late summer of 2015. The high-speed train followed to the capital of France and suddenly underwent a terrorist attack. A real panic began among the passengers, because everyone understood the seriousness of the situation and realized that the trip could be the last. But there were three brave Americans traveling around Europe. They were not afraid for their lives and began to attempt to save the train.Behind all this I watched with bated breath, literally the whole world. And the film feels the tension, the emotions of desperate people and those who were willing to sacrifice themselves to save others.
  4. "Black Panther". One might think that Wakanda is part of wild Africa, but the first impression is deceptive. In the depths of these places practically untouched by man, deposits of a unique rare metal are found, which have amazing vibration absorption properties. Many sought to get metal, destroying the works of nature and harming the natives of these places, but each such attempt was stopped by a mysterious spirit - the Black Panther. Many years have passed, and people again began to encroach on what is in the depths of the earth. But now they are armed with modern dangerous technologies. The young prince of Wakanda understands that there is almost no chance of salvation, and he realizes that he must defend the territory. The ruler puts on the mask of the Black Panther and tries to revive the legend and give hope to his people.
  5. If you like domestic cinema, you can watch"What Men Talk About. Continuation. Sasha, Slava, Kamil and Lyosha go to St. Petersburg, and only one knows the purpose of this trip.But at one moment all friends do not care, and the most important thing for everyone is that they are going. Everyday cares and problems await them at home, but now you can safely forget about all this, at least until Monday. Men were in a reserved seat, but suddenly realized how cool, interesting and comfortable it was. And when at five in the morning the opportunity to drink tequila comes up, friends decide to use it. And such a rash act inspires and pushes for accomplishments.
  6. "Fifty shades of freedom"- This is a continuation of the first two parts of the acclaimed novel. Anastacia and Christian are now married, insanely happy, enjoying the new chapter of their lives and simply enjoying each other. But the newly minted Mrs. Gray is in danger: an enemy suddenly appears, whose main goal is cruel revenge. And he is ready to go for any tricks and show a violent fantasy to make Anastacia fear and suffer. Christian realizes that the ghosts of his past are returning, and this can ruin the lives of young spouses. If you watched the first two parts, then you just have to see the long-awaited outcome.
  7. "The decline of civilization". The main character Peter wakes up every night in a cold sweat because of the same nightmare in which he loses all of his loved ones. But once a nightmare turns out to be a reality: crushing and merciless forces of alien origin invade Earth, which can doom humanity to extinction. Peter realizes that now he can lose a family in fact. He is ready for anything to save his family, begins the struggle and discovers in himself the power and amazing abilities. Perhaps the dream warned the hero and was intended to help him realize his true purpose?
  8. "Eve" - A picture of how fate can change abruptly literally in a flash, turning the whole life upside down. The protagonist Bertrand is a promising talented writer who has already managed to become a famous and wealthy man. A strong blizzard makes him seek refuge, and a man happens to be in the same house with a passionate courtesan Eve. The femme fatale fascinated Bertrand, and he, obsessed with inexorable passion, succumbs to temptation and for the sake of fleeting passions because of clouding of reason, he sacrifices his condition, status in society, reputation and all those whom he sincerely loved.
  9. Fans of action films will certainly appreciate the film"Wild". The protagonist is Joe Braven. A modest man works as a forester and lives on the border of Canada and the United States in a small house, located in the mountains and distant from civilization. Suddenly, the hero’s peaceful and secluded life is changing dramatically. In places that until recently were calm and threatened only with the attack of animals, a group of drug traffickers begins to wield. They were sure that calm Joe would not disturb them, but Braven had nothing to lose, and he was not at all frightened and confused by the prospect of killing people. The criminals simply did not know who they ran into and what awaits them.
  10. "War of Currents". This movie is worth seeing only for the sake of starring in one of the main roles of the charismatic and talented Benedict Cumberbatch. The film describes the events that unfolded at the end of the XIX century and lasted for several decades in a row. George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison are the real geniuses who gave electricity to humanity. The standoff began because of the struggle for the use of alternating and direct currents.The war, which started in the nineteenth century and lasted dozens of years, really ended only at the beginning of the XXI century, when New York began to use alternating current instead of the constant current used for many years.

If you like good cinema and plan to attend cinemas in February 2018, now you know which movies are worth watching for vivid impressions.

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