What causes a lack of sleep

How much time does a person need to have a good sleep? Unfortunately, there is no exact value, for each it is individual. As a rule, sleep should not be less than 6 or more than 8-9 hours. But if a person systematically sleeps less than the norm, then troubles with health and health will not keep you waiting. What does a lack of sleep lead to?

1. Early aging of the body. Human youth is saved by a special hormone - melatonin. The peak of its production accounts for approximately 1-2 hours of the night. Therefore, if you are regularly awake at this time, you will soon notice a deterioration in the quality of the skin, the appearance of circles under the eyes, and an increase in the number of wrinkles.

2. Increase pressure. Lack of sleep also significantly increases the risk of hypertension, frequent headaches, problems with blood vessels, etc.

3. Infectious diseases. With regular lack of sleep significantly reduced human immunity, which threatens with the emergence of unpleasant colds, viral infections, etc.

4. Weight gain. Lack of sleep can cause problems with metabolism.No wonder all nutritionists and trainers talk about the importance of healthy sleep for losing weight. Only an organism filled with energy and forces can properly and efficiently process incoming food.

5. Significant deterioration in attention. Even after one sleepless night, a person may notice how much his reactions are reduced, how difficult it is for him to concentrate, to solve complex tasks. All this creates enormous difficulties in work, school, can cause dangerous emergencies.

6. Occurrence of vision problems. Lack of rest contributes to the deterioration of blood microcirculation, which entails major problems with the vessels, including the eyes. Regular sleep deprivation can lead to such unpleasant diseases as glaucoma, optic nerve edema, damage to the optic nerve, etc.

7. Mental problems. With a lack of sleep in a person greatly increases emotionality, he becomes more irritable, prone to sudden mood swings.

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