What color to make the ceiling

If you want to visually lift the ceilings, warm colors and shades do not fit. You need to choose from a cold range. If you have high ceilings, and you want to lower them a little, use only warm colors. This will help create a more intimate atmosphere, add comfort. Check out the submitted samples to see what you like best and come up with your own version.

Pink color will help "reduce" the height of the ceiling. Bright pink shades not only reduce the height, but also help to tune in to the positive, to create a youth style.

Yellow color is suitable for rooms devoid of natural light. Yellow shades will draw attention to the unusual shape of the ceiling and fill the room with warmth and joy. This color must be repeated in the decoration of walls or textiles.

Rich orange needs to be balanced with soothing shades in the wall and floor decoration. This color will fill with energy and give a feeling of freedom or desire for creativity - depending on the chosen shade. Do not overdo it with the details, be careful.

The deep lilac color on the ceiling of the matrimonial bedroom will help you to relax faster, forget about the hustle and bustle of the past day, set you up for a romantic or lyrical mood. Emphasize the unusual ceiling with different details, a warmer and more saturated color of the same color.

With shades of blue you can play. Depending on the size and illumination of the room, choosing a tone that is lighter or darker, more intense or calm, you can create a solemn or playful mood, strict or dreamy. Note that it will vary depending on the surrounding details.

Many shades of green are associated with purity and health, youth and the power of nature. Suitable for children's rooms, and for the living room. The main thing is to choose the right tone. Lime is more suitable for small rooms. In the more spacious you can use emerald green.

Freshness, romance and powerful energy emit a turquoise color among others. It will help you tune in to a fast rhythm, add confidence and fill you with a sense of harmony. Suitable for both bedroom and living room.

Remember that successfully chosen color of the ceiling will help to visually make the room higher or lower, to expand, add volume.

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