What do manti look like

Traditional manty are always steamed in a special large vessel - a mantyshnitsa, in which special grates - kaskans are placed. Every nation prepares this dish, according to its culinary traditions, but most often the manti practically do not differ from other Asian dumplings. Thus, the classic stuffing for mantas is made from camel, horse meat or beef - while cooks sometimes add poultry meat to it, which gives mammals meat completely new flavors.
In addition to poultry meat, finely chopped ramson, pumpkin and onion are added to the manta filling. To get as much broth as possible inside, Russian cooks put a piece of fresh bacon in them, and the Oriental - a small amount of camel's udder or hump. In the process of steaming, fatty ingredients melt and become filled with rich meat gravy along with the filling. In Russian cuisine, cooking mantas is often simplified using more familiar pork, a variety of juicy vegetables, and ordinary boiling water for cooking a dish.
Manty can have the most diverse appearance, limited only by the imagination of the culinary specialist and the possibilities of the recipe. However, most often they are made in the form of a round small cup or a traditional bag, the top of which is hermetically closed by dough - this is done so that the broth does not flow out of the dumpling. Many cooks give squares to a square, triangular and quadrangular shape, and especially creative chefs prepare them in the form of petals and roses.
Of particular popularity is also the open form of mantas, in which the dough does not pinch along all edges, but is shifted with meat filling mixed with chopped vegetables and neatly rolled into a roll. Triangular and quadrangular manti, in the upper part of which necessarily make holes, are also called "lazy".

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