What does a baby look like in a year

For the first year of life, boys reach 72-80 cm, and girls - 71-78 cm in height. Most children are already confidently standing and walking, holding the hand of an adult. There are fewer and fewer places in the house that were not explored by the young pioneer. He opens the cabinets himself, rattles the pots, pours the contents of the cans. Parents need to exacerbate their vigilance, because contact with hot or sharp objects can be very dangerous for one-year-old toddler.
A kid at the age of one year is interested in observing the movement of objects. He scatters his toys with pleasure, laughs when the ball bounces off the wall. The one-year-old favorite pose is to put your arms and legs to the floor, bend your back up, tilt your head down and watch the adults. Games are becoming more serious: the child learns to collect a pyramid, imitating adults, to put one cube to another. There are new fun, for example, to stretch a toy to mom and pull back her hand when she tries to take it.All the action is accompanied by a joyful laugh. Imitating an adult, the child plays the ladies and the "cuckoo".
In the year, the baby already knows how to independently drink from a cup and eat, holding a spoon in his hand. The skills have not yet been brought to perfection, so after a meal, parents have to wash not only the crumbs, but the whole space next to them. The child knows the names of favorite toys, garments, body parts. He knows the names of loved ones. He looks in the right direction, if you call someone from a family member, knows how to wave a hand goodbye, performs simple requests (bring, serve, put, etc.).
At the age of the year children have their first psychological crisis The child feels quite independent, attachment to the mother weakens. The kid wants to help adults, to do something himself. He is disgustingly naughty if his parents forbid something or select his subject of interest.
The vocabulary of a one-year-old baby consists of 8-10 simple words. He is able to respond in monosyllables to the question “Who is this?”, To imitate the intonation of adults, the melodies of his favorite song. With interest he tries to repeat unfamiliar words and pretends to be on the phone.The child’s emotions also become more complex. He may cry when he sees a baby crying, or he may be upset if the children at the playground do not accept him into the game.

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