What does Christina Asmus prepare for her beloved man

Christina Asmus has repeatedly admitted that she loves to cook. The star says that if she had not become an actress, she would have gone to work as a cook. In her microblog celebrity posted a photo and a recipe for a dish that will appeal to men.
Christina Asmus husband
Christina Asmus husband
Photo: Christina Asmus Twitter

Christina Asmus proved that she knows exactly what to feed her beloved man. Not so long ago enviable groomGarik Kharlamov announced that he and Asmus meet. We can say with precision that Garik was lucky with the girl. The actress is not only good at cooking, but also loves to do it. Beloved Christina Asmus cooked rack of lamb.

“Baked potatoes and lamb ribs are on the agenda!” Wrote Christina Asmus on Twitter and uploaded a photo of an appetizing dinner. The following recipe followed: “Grated cheese, vegetable oil, paprika, sea salt, and a time of 20-25 minutes, plus manual dexterity. And that's all.

By the way, Christina Asmus is not the only star who likes to stand at the stove.RecentlyMilla Jovovich shared recipes for a festive dinner.. A celebrity knows how to make a tasty turkey and with which sauce to serve it.Alena Vodonaeva cooks for her family in her free timeher specialty is borsch.Lera Kudryavtseva repeatedly laid out a photo of her prepared food, star - a fan of Russian cuisine.

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