What does the dream in which you see the eggs mean

Eggs in many nations symbolize a new life, a return to basics. Dreams with them can be a sign of the most important events in life. For those who want to study in detail what dreams of eggs, there are several types of dream books with various descriptions.

Autumn dream

Eggs in dreams - for pregnancy, the birth of a child in the family.

Summer dream

To see eggs - means that the received news will make everyone cry. To eat soft-boiled eggs - you dream about a child. Small egg - to the arrival of your children.

Female dream book

Eating eggs means that an alarming situation will be created in the family. Broken eggs - to good luck, fate promises success and reward. Your justice, experience will be adequately appreciated by family and friends. Eggs in a bird's nest - to prosperity, harmony in family life. Also receive a reward. For ladies, sleep means loving. A basket of eggs symbolizes success, a great benefit from the deal.Saw spoiled and want to know what these eggs dream about, the answer is simple - to the loss.

People's Dream Book

In this dream book, eggs are for unexpected visitors or the birth of children. To eat in a dream is a waste of time for empty efforts. Do not spend time on trivia. Shoot the eggs - with your actions you can hurt yourself. A dream in which chickens emerge from eggs means excessive enthusiasm for irrelevant troubles. Peel the shell - be. The enemies want to "throw off" their affairs on you and thereby bankrupt, deceive you. To see just an egg is to have wealth, a benefit.

Dream Aesop

Since ancient times, the egg was endowed with special properties, it was a symbol of immortality, health, the revival of a new life. It also symbolizes infancy and has always been associated with a small child.

Sleeping with eggs that you smashed foreshadows trouble, the collapse of family happiness, created by your careless actions. Eat an egg - attach too much importance to small things. Broken shells warns against exhaustion, illness, you need to be more careful about your own health.

Collect eggs from bird nests - wait for a change for the better. You hatch yourself - look around, maybe some of your friends or loved ones need your help. You treat eggs to others in a dream - a well-wisher will appear who will change everything for the better. There were two yolks in the egg - a difficult situation, the choice of the right solution. The chicken came out of the egg - you can miss the chance to improve your well-being. A bunch of eggs - well-being, profit. A dream in which the snake eats eggs, foreshadows a disease, anger of enemies, enmity.

On the pike sits on the eggs means your frivolity, excessive enthusiasm unrealizable fantasies. You clear the egg from the shell - you can be deceived and taken away by money fraudulently, be vigilant, do not mess with dubious personalities. No wonder there is a popular saying “stunned like a testicle!”

Dream Interpretation Vanga

In the dream Vanga, eggs are the beginning of all life on our planet. If you had a dream of spoiled eggs and you feel their rottenness - there is a threat to life on the planet because of the newest weapons. Dropped and smashed - the threat emanates from space, possibly falling meteorite, collision with a comet.You eat an egg - we exist by eating our “smaller brothers”, there is a cycle in nature.

In this case, it is recalled that people have everything for existence on the planet, the Lord took care of this and it is necessary to stop killing animals, destroy forests, rivers, etc. To see in a dream how eggs are boiled - too hot climate will be established on Earth, rivers, lakes will dry, forests will die, followed by flora and fauna. People will have to survive in difficult conditions.

Esoteric dream book

Dreams with eggs - to the birth of offspring. A bunch of eggs - get ready for the hassle of offspring. Painted - children will bring joy, you will be surrounded by care and respect. Broken testicles - to miscarriage, infertility.

Freund's Dream

Broken eggs - watch your expressions, they can offend a touchy or notorious person. Eating eggs - an unexpected affair with someone who was always in your environment, was a colleague. You are painting eggs - change your intimate life, make updates to it, highlight it. A woman who saw an egg in a dream to meet a man who has more than impressive dimensions of dignity.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus

Something alive emerges from the eggs - you become an eyewitness to the origin of the new life. For a woman in a dream position, it predicts a successful resolution of childbirth. Break the egg - beware, you can be the culprit of a serious crime. You have witnessed how someone hits - before your eyes the killing of a living creature will occur.

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