What does the name of Eugene?

Alena Bondar
Alena Bondar
March 22, 2013
What does the name of Eugene?

Owners of the beautiful name of Eugene are thin, sociable women, among whose interests stands out the love of travel, reading and men's society. Such traits as persistence and stubbornness characterize Eugene. What does the name of Eugene - in Greek, means "noble."

The nature of women with the name of Eugene

Women, justifying the basic meaning of the female name of Eugene, are distinguished by justice and rigor in arguments and opinions. The character has a lot of male traits, which affects the circle of friends, in which, as a rule, more men. Friendly and kind Eugene will always find time to help friends. Girls who have a female name Eugene, like smart and honest people. By the choice of these friends, which has no more than two, Eugene fits with seriousness and thoroughness.

It is difficult for men to find an approach to the closed Eugene, who prefers the courteous, reserved and possessing old-fashioned manners of men, and to cross the line of friendly relations.Eugenia is a very good housewife, who knows how and loves tasty cooking, which will surprise any guest. Features such as thrift and thrift do not allow excessive waste of money and the release of old things.

After marriage, Eugene becomes a wonderful wife and mother. But due to pride and independence, difficulties and misunderstandings in dealing with children and husband often arise. Being restrained in feelings, Eugene is seen as a cold woman, the ice of the soul of which can be drowned for a long time and dreary, having achieved results only towards old age.

Zhenya boasts a highly developed self-esteem. Distinguished by great curiosity and the desire to know everything and everywhere, Eugene will be able to work in various fields and areas. Not being distinguished by excessive talent, only hard work helps Eugenia to achieve goals. Their success depends on the performance. The most favorable will be the profession of referent, journalist, editor or translator.

Women with this name can be easily hurt, but the offense passes quickly. Eugenia will make happy the man who truly loves her and will achieve reciprocity.For such a woman, marriage with men with the names of Vladimir, Peter, Konstantin, Yegor, Gleb and Arkady would be an excellent option. There may be difficulties and troubles in a marriage with Stas, Roman and Edward.

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