Why dream heels?

Sharp heels in a dream - a symbol of thinking outside the box and the ability to withstand any difficulties in life. It is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis of what he saw in order to get a clue. Only in this case, it becomes clear what dreams of such shoes.

Modern dream book

A woman who dreamed heels in real life can get into a ridiculous or ridiculous position. From the incident she will be very embarrassed. A massive heel in a dream means strong family and friendly ties, well-being in business at work, and a thin stud speaks of the hidden envy of the best friend.

Female dream book

High-heeled shoes in a dream indicate that you want to radically change your destiny, but if your shoes have a low rise, then everything should remain the same. The latter option also speaks of the desire to calm down, to enter into the measured rhythm of life.

Dream Dream

A heel flying away in a dream is a harbinger of good luck. Shoes for heels for women means public acceptance. What dreams of shoes with a heel to a man? This suggests that he has certain claims to something.The trampled heels are dreamed up if a lot of cases have accumulated that have already pretty much gotten bored.

Freund's Dream

A woman walking in high heels dreams of a man with different intimate fantasies. To bring them to life is problematic for him, because this requires determination. Sleep means your willingness to bold experiments. For a girl, a dream where she defiles on her heels means sexual dissatisfaction.

Dream dream Hasse

Women can no longer guess what they dream about walking on heels. What they see suggests that they just need to find a region or place to meet their ambitions. To run in a dream in high heels is to have a mismatch between your aspirations and their realization in life.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

High-heeled shoes bought at the store are dreamed of by girls for a new romantic relationship. You can also be offered an interesting job. Heel in a dream suddenly broke - wait for a rift in a relationship with a loved one.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of high heel shoes is a good sign. This indicates a desire for a higher status in life.Shoes with fleece taps dream, if you constantly repeat your old mistakes. Unstable stud can be seen in a risky business, which is doomed to failure.

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