What dreams of a dreaming bird

A dream in which a bird flew through the window, foreshadows the death of someone living in this house. For a woman who wants to have a baby, a bird that has flown in through the window means good news. Soon she will become pregnant and successfully resolved. Patting the flown bird - you will find a great success in work and relationships.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

In the modern dream-book of a bird in a dream - to gossip. Also, a dream means success, profit, a good deal. A flock of small birds - to the marginal benefit. Feeding the birds - to loneliness, there will be a desire to make new buddies. Hear the bird singing, chirping - to the fun, pleasant pastime with friends, communication, loud chirping - to scandal and disputes. To see fights, fights between birds - to become an unwitting participant in a female quarrel.

Communicating with birds - to the rapid fun. In the dream, a bird hid behind your bosom - to great happiness and good luck. In a dream, caught a bird in his hands - get the news from afar. A little chick, hardly climbing its paws, is a warning.You will fail in a poorly thought out event. Big birds of prey - to deception, shoot a falcon, an eagle, a hawk - will be able to overcome all obstacles and gain long-awaited happiness.

A woman who dreamed that she was driving away predator birds from her children should be more industrious. You are in danger from detractors. Only hard work and self-control will ensure happiness and success in life. I dreamed that you scared the birds before they attacked you - good luck and success in work awaits.

Ukrainian dream book

The bird symbolizes the message, the news. The bird sat on the head - to the dead. A flock of birds - to parting, I will break up between the pair. There is also a belief that a flock of birds in a dream means the souls of people. Sleep with the birds - to war, cataclysms with great sacrifices.

To catch a bird and hold it in your hand is a great success in business. The singing of birds is for a curious acquaintance. In the window a bird is beating - to the good news, expect replenishment in the family. If the small bird beats - by the birth of a daughter, the big one - by the son. There are eggs of birds - to trouble. A dream in which the bird flew into the house - to unpleasant news.

Children's dream book

To dream of a mythical bird Phoenix - to great luck, happiness, long life. This dream symbolizes that nothing can break you, and even in extremely difficult situations you will emerge victorious. To dream Albatross bird - creatively gifted people will be accompanied by success and glory.

Albatross with fish in its beak - make a very useful acquaintance with an influential person. The cry of this bird foreshadows deception or forgery. Colorful parrot Ara in a cage or on a tree - betrayal and insult from a well-known person. I dreamed of a bird without wings - hopelessness, trouble and failure.

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