What dreams of many coffins

What dreams of many coffins - the interpretation of such night vision depends on its details. Find a clue to this dream will help different interpreters.

Dream interpretation Miller

To a warning about the upcoming difficult period in life, sad news, or just trouble - that’s what dreams of closed coffins when there are a lot of them.

Interpretation dreams taking into account the details

A large number of empty coffins foreshadows the dreamer long years of life in full health.

Get ready soon for the wedding, if in a dream a lot of coffins dreamed of with the dead.

Coffins with the dead in night visions to older people foreshadow the receipt of news from relatives.

Young and single this symbol spells life in prosperity or a successful marriage.

A family dream promises profit.

If in a vision coffins with the departed are in the church, then in real life the dreamer may face an accident and trouble.

A difficult work awaits a person, but payment for it will be decent - that’s what the coffins are made for in night vision.

Unthinkable profits await the dreamer in reality, in whose dreams many coffins with the deceased float on water.

Expect guests from afar if the dead suddenly come to life in night dreams.

Many closed coffins in a dream means that the past of your life will not interfere with the present and future. If the dreamer at the same time personally drives the nails into the lids of the coffins, then in reality he will have to put a lot of effort to wipe the past out of life and defeat bad habits.

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