What dreams ring

A ring with a precious (or sham) stone in a dream means in reality a certain relationship - not only between a man and a woman. This may be a relationship with parents, comrades, close friends, colleagues, or even older people. It should be noted that for the material and stones used for manufacturing. It depends on them, noble or bad intentions lead the parties to the relationship. Find, get, buy - to wealth, a possible change in marital status. Loss, rift - perhaps the relationship will give a crack.

Dream interpretation by the seasons

What dreams of a ring of noble metals - so it is to the future acquaintance with the representative of the opposite sex. Relations will be more than just successful. In real life there is every chance to try on wedding rings.

Small Veles dream

For a wedding celebration dream ring - so says this interpreter. It may also hint at the difficult and painstaking work, the result of which will be a stable income.For a married woman, she may lose her spouse.

To find a ring - to well-being, a happy event. To lose - the marriage may be in question (perhaps, on the eve of a real wedding, the newlyweds are too nervous). It is also a sign of potential problems. If the stone fell out - a loved one can leave. For happiness in reality will have to fight.

Freund's Dream

The ring can symbolize the subconscious desire to create a family. While such a chance is not given, the dreamer is perceived as a potential ruler by his (her) friends. Parents also want to quickly give their adult child to marry or marry.

Wearing in a dream - in the life of someone will soon appear from someone you know, to whom the dreamer did not pay attention before.

Ukrainian dream book

Smooth, without carving and jewelry - to wealth, a successful marriage. To lose is to lose something expensive. The girl dream, where figures appear, promises a meeting with his betrothed. Married - a sign that the relationship with the spouse must be protected.

The dream of the medium Hasse

Not so bright prospects bears a dream in this dream book. Found - to the divergence of views. Lose - respect will be hard to earn.Gifted - a sign that familiar people will in every way coax the dreamer to stand on their side.

If the dreamer gives a ring - to marriage. Give him money for a new romantic hobby. Signet of enviable beauty - without envy and disputes in the near future will not work.

Corrupted, damaged - someone from the environment is not sincere.

Dream for the whole family

Wearing - to get acquainted with the future second half. They put on the dreamer - to a difficult period, financial setbacks, which will be difficult to resist on their own. Lose - people who will soon enter the life of the dreamer will have unkind intentions.

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