What dreams that bitten dog

The dog is a faithful four-legged friend of a man who will never harm his master for no reason. But is it in a dream?

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The dog bites in a dream
What does a dream in which a dog bites mean

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

If you have a dream about a dog that is already at its last gasp, but at the same time it is trying to gnaw your hands with your teeth, wait for unpleasant statements from your close friend. If dogs strive to bite you, be ready to attack the enemies. In this case, pay attention to the behavior of dogs: it directly tells how your enemies will behave.

What dreams a dog that bites you by the hand - to the manifestation of hidden hostility from loved ones. Details play an important role in the interpretation of this dream. If you fought with this dog, but it still left traces of its bites on your body, then the enmity will be obvious. If there was no bleeding, expect hostility from your husband and your wife.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

A dog bite in a dream - to the insult of a close friend.The fight of dogs in a dream speaks of the coming quarrel.

Ukrainian dream book

If the dog attacks in a dream and bites, wait for some misfortune. This dream is not good. But if such a dream occurred to a girl, let her rejoice: she will marry in the near future. If a dog in a rage tears up clothes and bites you in a dream, you may be severely beaten in real life.

Moon dream

To be bitten by a dog in a dream is to be a faithful close friend.

Dream Chow Song

What dreams a dog has bitten - to great misfortune or to the loss of the whole state.

Dream Dream Thelomena

If in a dream you saw a sleeping dog, it means that you are at a crossroads. Your condition is very uncertain, you do not know what to do. If the dog in the dream is very aggressive, your friend will betray you. But this provoked the insult caused by you, so you will blame only one yourself for what happened.

Egyptian dream book

If a person was bitten by a dog in a dream, this is a bad omen. On such a person can easily put enchantment or damage. Without magic and attracting supernatural forces will not do. Be careful.

Persian dream book

If the dog bites in a dream, be prepared for the fact that your enemy will safely take hostile actions against you. It will happen very soon. Such a dream is meant to prepare you for this. Warned means armed.

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