What happened in the office of "Yandex"

Indeed, early in the morning on Friday, a fire broke out in the premises of one of the office centers of the city of Moscow, located at Lev Tolstoy Street, 16. However, employees of the world famous company Yandex, which has leading positions in the Russian Internet market, are not yet working in this office.
The administrative three-storey building is under reconstruction, there is already a major overhaul for quite a long time. And only when the construction work ends, Yandex plans to rent offices and place its staff there.
However, the news genre has its own laws, and when the media wrote that the “Yandex office” was on fire, they probably planned to attract readers in this way. This journalists, of course, succeeded.
However, as they say, "there is no smoke without fire." And in this case, the Russian proverb was relevant. According to the press service of the metropolitan administration of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, information about the fire came to the rescue team on September 7 at 9.45 am Moscow time.
In the building where the construction work is being carried out, wooden scaffolding flared up.The fire spread quickly. It covered an area of ​​more than 15 square meters. And the employees of the most famous Internet company just went to work in their offices, located in the next building, tightly adjacent to the object of fire. Therefore, it was decided to urgently evacuate people.
Already within 15 minutes after receiving a signal of a fire, several fire brigades arrived at the scene of the accident. A spokesman for Yandex, Ochir Mandzhikov, told reporters that they managed to cope with fire very quickly: literally at 10.30 am, the flames raging were extinguished. The press service of the Emergencies Ministry said that they managed to do without victims and injured, although the employees of “Yandex” certainly felt the smell of smoke.

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