What happens if ... 10 fun physical experiments: video

XVM43f37128-d449-11e7-9120-7436775344c8Even if you do not already go to school or institute, you may be interested in science. Indeed, besides dry formulas and necessary theorems, there is its other, curious and surprising side - experimental!
If your acquaintance with the world of physics ended after school graduation and was never renewed, then you probably do not even realize how interesting this branch of scientific knowledge can be. Just see what kind of curious experiences it allows us to conduct, and how much new we can learn about the world around us with its help!

№ 1. Soap bubbles "float" on the surface of carbon dioxide!

№ 2. An interesting feature of the adhesive BF-6 pir hit in water

No. 3. Liquid nitrogen and a balloon will show how air behaves when heated and cooled.

No. 4. Water boiler made from ordinary blades.

No. 5. An electric motor made of just a conventional finger-type battery, a piece of wire and a small magnet!

№ 6. Unusual experience with a string and a soap film.

No. 7Spectacular experience with balancing forks on a regular match!

№ 8. How not to spill a drop of water from an inverted glass, using only atmospheric pressure and a sheet of paper

No. 9. An amazing experiment with water that flows up through a paper napkin!

№ 10. A spectacular experiment - Rubens pipe!

It was a selection of ten interesting physical experiments that allow you to take a fresh look at scientific knowledge in general and physics in particular. Share this article with friends so they can learn something curious about the world in which we live!

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