What happens if there is a sperm

What happens if you swallow the sperm

What happens if you swallow the sperm

What happens if you swallow cum



Having sex is an integral part of our own life, and what kind of girl does not want to please her young man with wonderful oral sex. But most wonder what will happen if you swallow the sperm?


  1. In order to understand what will happen if you accidentally swallow sperm, you first need to figure out what is contained in the sperm. Sperm in the composition of the sperm in men only about 3 percent. The remaining 97 percent is liquid of some seminal vesicles and the secret of the prostate gland. The sperm also includes: protein, citric acid, fructose, as well as various microelements and vitamins necessary for a healthy body. So do not worry too much about what will happen if you swallow the sperm. True, sperm has a rather specific taste and alkaline pH, that is, if it penetrates the mouth from its taste, it can be a bit unusual to vomit.
  2. But the benefits of sperm are much greater, because people thought about what would happen if they drank sperm back in ancient times. Even in ancient Rome, some rich women did rubbing the sperm of slaves into their skin to prolong its youth. Now a large number of cosmetic companies use the sperm of various animals. Adding it to a variety of cream and lip gloss, thereby increasing their certain organic effectiveness. In perfumery, animal sperm and secrets can also be used to increase the aroma stability. But, be that as it may, the attitude to any sperm for each person is purely individual, it can even be a psychological barrier. And therefore everyone can choose, swallow it or not. Medicine has established one thing - swallowing sperm does not bear much harm.
  3. Another myth about semen is that if you swallow it, you can recover from it. This can not be true, because the volume of seminal fluid during ejaculation can not exceed more than 10 grams - and this is equal to three teaspoons. In order to recover from sperm, it will need to be consumed in large quantities - like any other food.However, the semen also contains some secrets of the prostate gland, special male hormones, and the female body can react to it in its own way, here each is individual.
  4. They say that swallowing sperm can become pregnant, also implausible, for the simple reason that sperm is an organic substance and can be digested by gastric enzymes just like any other.

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