What if feelings are gone

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, people tend to be in the grip of emotions. A man likes everything in his beloved. Lovers want to be near as often as possible, their dates are full of romance, they constantly call each other and exchange SMS messages. But after some time, the first emotions pass, and the person begins to look at his partner with a more sober look.
At the same time, the object of love remains the same, just the feelings towards it gradually cool down, flaws begin to be evident. Calls and meetings are becoming less frequent. There are numerous pretexts to postpone a date: employment at work, study, family affairs and responsibilities. But it all happened before! Just when the feelings were at their peak, other matters and concerns faded into the background.
However, if there is a desire to return the outgoing feelings, do not immediately panic. First you need to talk to your loved one.It is only necessary to choose the right time to talk and in no case fall into hysterics. This will only cause reciprocal irritation. However, if a loved one avoids communication, it is not worthwhile to impose on him, it is better to preserve self-esteem.
Sometimes it is just necessary to pause the relationship. This will help to check your feelings, listen to yourself, maybe even miss each other.
A girl in such a situation does not need to put a cross on herself, to consider herself abandoned and not needed by anyone. It is better to pay attention to your appearance, change your hair, try a new style of makeup and manicure, update your wardrobe. Perhaps the new image will help reawaken the feelings in the soul of a loved one.
Do not forget about their interests and hobbies. You should still lead an active life, continue to communicate with friends. If a loved one realizes that his girl is all right, she does not suffer alone, jealousy and a desire to fight for her can wake up in his soul. The main thing is that the initiative comes from him.
However, if a man's feelings have cooled because of his interest in another woman, but he cannot make a final choice, it is better to part with him. After all, this hobby may be followed by a chain of others.
It is possible to preserve romantic feelings and strong relations, but you need not to be afraid to change, constantly opening up to your beloved from a new side, attracting its novelty. It is necessary to pay more attention to your loved one, to appreciate and trust him, and with time the relationship will only become stronger.

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