What is a firewall?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
September 28, 2011
What is a firewall?

Any computer needs to protect its system, as any person needs to protect their personal data. Let's talk about how you can implement computer protection at the browser level. So:

What is a firewall?

We will talk in our article about the technologies that are able to protect our computer from viruses by filtering information coming from the network. We will be talking about the Firewall (in common "firewall").

A firewall is defined as a set of hardware or software that monitors and filters network packets passing through it in accordance with certain rules. Speaking in Russian, Firewall is a filter or a sieve that passes the necessary information and blocks the one that may pose a threat to the computer. The user has the ability to configure the firewall in the manner that is necessary for the optimal operation of the computer system. It should be noted that the firewall should not be confused with the antivirus program, since the firewall does not destroy viruses,he just does not miss them.

The main function of the firewall is to protect the channels through which information flows from unauthorized access. This is what a firewall is. If you want to protect your data from fraudsters, then you just need to have a firewall on your computer.

If you are thinking about the full protection of your data, then you need to install an antivirus program and a firewall. As experienced users, many antivirus programs simply do not see dangerous applications that sneak into the computer system. In order to fence access of such programs to your system, you need to install a Firewall, which simply simply blocks the path to a program that does not meet the requirements. The work of the firewall can be represented as a wall in which the door is installed. There is a guard at the door that lets in and releases only well-defined people who meet all the requirements of the pass. This is how the firewall works. Firewall allows you to include in your list of programs that are allowed to receive and send network packets from the network and the network. You can manually add a list of programs you trust.

That's what a firewall is in a nutshell ...In fact, it is difficult to imagine safe work on the virtual web without using a firewall. As we have already noted, the computer needs full protection from fraudsters and hackers. We live in a world that can hardly be called safe. When it comes to being safe on the Internet, we begin to strongly doubt whether our computer is ready for attacks from virus programs. It often happens that the vast majority of computers are affected by viruses. This affects not only ordinary home computers, but also servers of various large companies and organizations.

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