What is a notification?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
May 16, 2015
What is a notification?

The term "notification" comes from the Latin word "notificare", which in translation means "to make something known." The word is not common and commonly used, but is used in politics and in legal processes.

What is the notification and when is this term appropriate to use?

Meaning of the word notification

  • Notification refers to the official notification of one state, or an organization with the help of a special paper - a note directed towards another state or organization. An alert may carry information about the attitude of one of the parties to any actions of the other party. Or it speaks about intentions of one of the parties in relation to other party. An example of a notification is the official announcement of the beginning of hostilities of one state against another.
  • In the sphere of banking and legal services, the notification is the official protest of the one who took the bill, in the direction of the one who issued the bill, that this security does not suit for certain reasons.
  • In everyday life, each of us, too, is faced with a notification in the form of alerts sent by various applications, social networks, for example, SMS notifications that a taxi is waiting for you.

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