What is fashionable to wear leggings in 2017?

The history of leggings has been around for several millennia. Women at one time borrowed this wardrobe item from men. In the 80s of the last century, designers rediscovered this thing and found that it is easy to “adapt” it to almost any style.

The last few seasons leggings, as they are called, remain at the peak of popularity. But not everyone knows with what and how they can and should be combined. Let's start a short educational program.

Being fashionable is easy

To begin, let's see what leggings are. This is one of the types of tight-fitting female pants, which, thanks to the thin material and special cut, repeat the contours of the body.

Karl Lagerfeld, who introduced mass fashion to leggings, said that every woman could afford them, despite the type of figure, height and weight. This wardrobe detail continues to appear on the catwalks in 2017, so we suggest listening to the advice of stylists of its choice:

  • Short girls should abandon shortened leggings and give preference to models, the length of the ankle. In the first case, the legs will appear even shorter.
  • Curvy forms are not a reason to refuse such trousers, but it is better to choose dark colors. They will not once again draw attention to problem areas.
  • Short options (up to the knee) can afford only owners of slender and beautiful legs.

Successful ensemble

The most relevant leggings this year are:

  • leather;
  • from velvet;
  • knitwear with lace;
  • denim
  • from elastic materials;
  • from fabric with perforation.

Now let's learn how to properly combine them with other items of clothing:

Leather models effectively emphasize slender legs. In addition, they are versatile, you can wear them both for work and for walks.

They combine with a variety of top: you can stay at the cozy, soft jumpers or shirts in a cage, and to create an extravagant image fit short tops, corsets, jackets made of velvet.

Lace leggings - a rather complicated detail of the wardrobe. The wrong combination can turn the most fashionable image into a vulgar one. The top should be as restrained as possible - a tunic or a monochromatic dress of simple cut. It is also worth remembering that during the day such clothes are not appropriate.

Jeggings are not only comfortable, but also suitable for women of almost any age. Casual style provides for the wearing of such pants with shirts, blouses, elongated sweaters. From shoes suitable as moccasins or sneakers, and pumps.

Soft velor leggings need to be combined with simple monophonic tops or sports t-shirts. In combination with high heels and a light blouse you will get an excellent image for a party.

When creating a fashionable bow, you should also consider the color and design of leggings!

Color models are suitable for volumetric top. It is preferable to choose monophonic things of neutral colors: beige, white, gray. Another option - the image in one color. For example, blue shorts will look beautiful with blue leggings.

With a print. These pants look very attractive, but combining them with other things, you should be very careful not to look ridiculous.

This year, images of space, stars, galaxies are relevant. These leggings can be both matte and shiny (eraser). These extravagant things require monochrome and as simple as possible additions.It can be a long sweater, an elongated shirt, a vest. Of the accessories fit glasses and a wide bracelet.

"Animals" prints also remain in demand. But it is important to remember that such things are not combined with short blouses. Ideal - shoes or shoes with heels and the top of brick, mint, white or black colors.

Leggings - a universal thing in the wardrobe, which can be worn at any time of the year. They are comfortable to go to workouts, walks and even dates. And the variety of models and styles will give an opportunity to choose the ideal option for any type of figure.

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