What is hair nectarine

Experts called such a tricky word a new kind of resistant and at the same time gentle dyeing of hair, which differs from other ways in expressive and juicy color. The secret of the procedure lies in the use of a new generation of ammonia-free paint called Nectaya, after which the hair remains soft and healthy. Harmful ammonia in it is replaced by monoethanolamine. However, the usefulness of this substance can be argued. But it, unlike ammonia, does not possess a suffocating amber. What is so included in the paint, so that it can be boldly called nectar - the food of the gods? It turns out that its composition is organic, that is, consisting predominantly of natural ingredients. For the procedure of nectarearization, a paint is actually used, which is 92% composed of natural ingredients, including the currently popular component - argan oil. Many have heard about its excellent moisturizing properties.According to the manufacturers of this wonderful paint, it also contains a patented technology that allows you to replenish the level of lipids inside the hair shaft. Thanks to such a gentle effect of non-brewing, the hair receives a harmless recharge and color saturation. Among the advantages of this procedure - reliable shading of gray hair up to 100% and a rich color palette, consisting of 36 intense shades. In the range there are both cold and warm colors. In addition, the incarceration can lighten natural hair up to three tones. The procedure is a success in the salons of Europe. Best of all, the numbers can be characterized by the figures: 84% of satisfied customers - that’s how many counted the independent international research agency IFAK Institut after a two-month study of the opinions of women who had incarnated their hair.

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