What is squash and why is it interesting?

Squash is a fairly common and prestigious sport that even claims to enter the program of the Olympic Games. It appeared in the 19th century in England and is a direct relative of the rocket games - tennis and badminton, because its main projectiles are the racket and the ball.

You can play it together, or in pairs. But the main condition is a closed room. That is why the British love this sport so much, because it can be practiced regardless of the changeable British weather.

A bit of history

For the first time the mention of entertainment, similar to the game in squash appeared in the 16th century. Then, in the Renaissance, French children frolicked, beating balls from the walls in the alleys of the city. After that, the game moved to the debt prison of Fleet Prison. Her prisoners, who have a bit of free time, were often seen doing a monotonous occupation — they hit a hard ball against the walls of the cell.

But squash got a real spread after at one of the English schools (Harrow School) students, waiting for their turn to play tennis, decided to pass the time on a small playground, surrounded on all sides by the walls of the school, beating off the ball from them.

After that, the game did not go beyond the limits of educational institutions for a long time and was the prerogative of students only. But at the beginning of the 20th century, the soldiers of the British army and many private clubs became interested in it. In 1907, the Tennis, Rackets & Fives Association established and prescribed the basic rules of the game and its standards. And in 1928 the first Squash Association was even created.

But as there were no special courts for matches, only high-income people could afford to play squash.

And only at the end of the 20th century, the game became widespread and began to gather fans around the world.

What is the point?

How to play squash? His goal is quite simple - you need to hit the ball with a racket so that your opponent can not beat him back after your strike.

But here there are some rules.

  1. The ball should touch the wall above the acoustic panel, but do not fall into the out line.
  2. You need to hit the ball in turn. Beating is allowed during the flight of the ball or after it hits the ground.
  3. Points are added to the player when the opponent makes a mistake and misses a hit. The first player to score 11 points is considered the winner.If the score of the previous set was 10:10, then the game continues until one of the players gains 1 point advantage. Squash players play up to 2 wins, and professionals play up to 5.
  4. Before the game, players draw lots. The one who is lucky, gives first. After that, the server is the one who won the game.
  5. Also, before the game, the players choose the square feed. The one who earns a point changes it at the time of the next submission.
  6. Particular attention is also paid to the setting of the feet of the players. At least one of them must be completely in the feed square. If this requirement is not met, the serve is lost, and the player, unlike the game of tennis, is not entitled to retry.

Player Recruitment

Now let's see what you need if you decide to play squash? First of all a racket and a ball. Externally, the balls do not differ from each other, but on each of them you can see a colored mark that indicates the level of elasticity (speed).

Very slow is indicated by two yellow dots, slow - green or white, medium speed ball - red, fast - blue. You should also know that before the game the ball needs to be warmed up, otherwise it will be worse to jump.The reason lies in the special fluid inside, which, when heated, makes it more “jumping”.

A squash court also has its own specific dimensions. They were installed in 1920, and still have not changed. It should be 32 feet long and 21 feet wide.

A cardinal change in the game occurred when the back wall of the court was made of glass. This attracted a large number of spectators, who as a result became customers of sports clubs.

Main advantages

Squash, like a sport, has many advantages.

  1. This is a game for everyone. There are no restrictions on age, nor sex, nor build. It does not even require special physical preparation.
  2. The game is very accessible. You do not have to learn a lot of techniques and learn the rules, everything is clear. A training equipment (for fans) is not so expensive.
  3. Good for health. Squash is a great alternative to long and exhausting workouts in the gym. Half an hour of the game gives a pretty strong load on all muscle groups, with the result that you also get a good cardio training, burning more than 1000 kcal.For example, during the game of tennis, this number is only 400 kcal.
  4. In addition, such exercises have a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, develop flexibility and train the vestibular apparatus. And they are perfect for those who want to get rid of extra pounds. Subject to regular training, they will melt before our eyes.
  5. Entertainment Squash always attracts a huge number of fans. A special pleasure is the presence of the games that take place on the courts with full glass walls.

Will there be flaws?

The main disadvantage of such classes was once the lack, and later an insufficient number of special courts. But many sports clubs, in connection with the active passion for squash, equipped such sites.

Be careful!

But since squash is a very energy-intensive sport, and brings real benefits with 150 heartbeats per minute, there are some contraindications, including:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • spinal hernia;
  • diseases of the joints.

Squash is a very exciting game.which heats up the excitement and spirit of competition. In addition, such activities throughout the world are a great excuse for both business and informal meetings. And for those who live in the dynamic rhythm of the modern metropolis, and do not have plenty of time for physical exertion, squash will be an excellent option for a splash of emotions and mental relaxation.

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