What is the class hour

You can spend a class hour in different ways: read lectures, arrange disputes or conversations, organize games, contests, quizzes, testing, etc. Forms of an event directly depend on the goals that the teacher wants to achieve. In this case, one of the tasks of the teacher is an attempt to make the class hour interesting and useful for schoolchildren.
Often, teachers create a special schedule of classroom hours, indicating topics to be discussed or touched upon. Events can be devoted to special events (for example, a meeting with veterans dedicated to May 9), issues of education, personal development, teamwork, etc. In addition to the scheduled hours, unplanned classroom hours can be held. They are usually used to solve problems that have arisen in a team: discussion of performance, conflicts between classmates, etc.
It is classroom hours - this is the best time for psychological and professional testing, which can help schoolchildren to choose a specialty and even an educational institution in which they will receive a higher or secondary special education.
Not only the teacher, but also students should be engaged in preparing the classroom hour. You should inform in advance the theme of the event and, if necessary, ask to prepare for it. Training should not be teaching, but rather entertaining: for example, you can ask students to talk with their parents and find out how they chose a profession, to share the results of a conversation with classmates and draw the appropriate conclusions.
As a preparation for the class hour, and its conduct should, if possible, have an extracurricular, informal character. Children can sit down with anyone, not adhering to standard rules. During the class hour, no one is rated and do not set homework. Informal atmosphere contributes to more open communication.

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