What is the norm?

When we use this or that term in speech, it is necessary to clearly understand whether we use it correctly and whether our interlocutor understands what it is about. In our article we will tell you what a rule is, how to use this term correctly and when it will be appropriate.

“Norm” is a term that in Russian can be used in different meanings in many areas of life. The word is used in economics, mathematics, medicine, linguistics and other fields. In general, the norm is a standard. Let's understand the meanings of this word in more detail.

Values ​​of the word "norm" in different areas

  • In economics, the term “norm” is used as the size of a predetermined indicator of the planned expenditure of resources and materials per unit.
  • In mathematics, this term refers to the length of a vector and the absolute value of a number.
  • In medicine, the term "norm" refers to the normal level of health.
  • In the printing house, the abbreviated version of the title of the book or the author’s last name, located in the lower left part of the first page of each printed sheet, is called the norm.
  • The language norm is a well-established set of commonly used words that are recognized by society.
    • subspecies of the term "language norm" is "literary norm". This term refers to the exemplary and competent use of language tools, as well as the rules for their use. These are the norms that are recorded in various dictionaries, grammars, teaching materials for students, etc.
    • "Lexical norm" - the correct use of the word in speech and writing.
  • The rule of law is a form of determining the rights and duties of citizens, enshrined in the law of a given state. In other words, it is the law, the general order.
  • Cultural and moral norms are normal and proper behavior in society. Read more in the article: What is social norms.

As a generic term, the word “norm” can mean the following.

  1. Rule, prescription, general provision, which is valid and requires execution.
  2. Permissible range, a certain average value.
  3. Sample, example.

Use of the term "norm"

This term is used not only in Russian. It should be noted that a consonant term and identical in spelling is in Ukrainian, Belarusian, Macedonian, and Serbian.The designation of this term is preserved - it is a term for the usual state of affairs, a rule or a convention.

There are many dictionaries that interpret the term “norm” in their style. But the value, however, still remains the same. These are such dictionaries as:

  1. Kondakova Logical Dictionary;
  2. Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language Dahl;
  3. Dictionary of the Russian language Ushakov
  4. Encyclopedic dictionary Brockhaus and Efron;
  5. Explanatory dictionary of word-formation units of the Russian language Ephraim;
  6. Dictionary of the Russian language Ozhegova and Shvedovoy and others.

Examples of the use of the word "norm"

  • Some people think that the rule of law is not for them.
  • Being educated is an obligatory norm of behavior in society.
  • The need to adhere to cultural and moral standards should be brought up in children since childhood.

In this case, we see that the word "norm" denotes a rule that is valid for all and which is mandatory for execution.

  • Same-sex marriage in many European countries is becoming the norm.

The word is used to denote a generally accepted phenomenon, something normal and ordinary.

  • The daily rate of calories for people weighing from 60 to 65 kg is 1300-1500 kcal.

Here we use the term to show that the indicated number of units (kcal) is normal for the organism. That is, the word indicates normal units of measurement that show no deviations.

Now you know what the norm is, and have an idea of ​​the different meanings of this lexeme.

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